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No one wants to spend their days on video Zoom calls, and if you’re looking to reduce the time you spend in Zoom meetings, then we highly recommend adopting an asynchronous meeting tool you can connect to your calendar and work tools, enabling you to start having fewer, better meetings. Meetings can’t always be avoided, so if you must attend a Zoom meeting, then forget about those “professional Zoom backgrounds”, and instead, make it light-hearted and fun.

What are the best virtual backgrounds for zoom and funny wallpapers to go along with your next call? Mix it up by customizing your Zoom background with one of these hilarious zoom backgrounds to bring your team together on your next call. Whether you’re a meeting pro or just a lurker that attends meetings while you’re doing some actual work, take a look at these 20 funny virtual Zoom backgrounds to get a laugh at your next meeting.

The collection of funny zoom meeting backgrounds are sure to please. While it might not quite be as hilarious without Peter and Stewie, why not jump in front of the Griffin family couch for your next meeting.

Download : Family Guy Zoom background. Give your coworkers a laugh in your next meeting by pretending you’re on the toilet. Not that you’ve seen the most crude background for video meetings, what are the most flattering Zoom backgrounds?

Take a look at the next few funny background images. Download : Funny bathroom Zoom background. Now that Trumps out, why not step in, feel like the president for a day, and run your next meeting from the White House Oval Office zoom background,.

Download : Oval Office Zoom background. Download : Tonight Show Zoom background. Download : Harry Potter Zoom background. Do your best Michael Scott impression and step into The Office’ meeting room for your next Zoom call. Download : Dunder Mifflin Zoom background.

Although they might not admit it, everyone on your meeting has bing-watched this series. So unless your teammates are Carole Baskin fans, they’re sure to get a kick out of funny meme backgrounds like this. Download : Tiger King Zoom background. Find out which of your teammates are also watching your favorite tv show with this funny zoom background:.

Download : Schitt’s Creek Zoom background. Ok, this might be the most popular meme in the history of the internet, but it still manages to get some laughs each time we look back at it.

Download : Distracted boyfriend Zoom background. One for all you Parks and Rec fans, step into Leslie Knope’s office for your next remote video call team meeting. Download : Parks and Rec Zoom background. Not having a great Monday? Relax, it’ll be fine, ignore the chaos of the meeting around you with this classic background:.

Download : This is fine Zoom background. Ok Zoomer, you wanted classic Download : Star Wars Zoom background. Let’s face it, most meetings are lots of talk with nothing really going on. What better way to participate in a meeting about nothing than doing it from the show about nothing. Download : Seinfeld Zoom background. Grab a coffee, get nostalgic and hang out with your teammates from the most famous coffee shop of all time. If you’re still seriously asking what are some cool backgrounds for Zoom, keep on reading to find out which others appear in our list.

Download : Friends coffee shop Zoom background. Download : Holiday Zoom background. Nothing says geeky matrix fan like a curtain full of code, or is it digital rain? If anyone has an animated version we’d love to post that here too. Download : Matrix Zoom background. If your fellow execs don’t have the sense of humor for you to use our toilet background, or you just have a pile of laundry in the background, fake your professionalism with this boardroom background.

Download : Board meeting Zoom background. Boldly take your meeting where it’s never been before with this Zoom background for Trekkies. Download : Star Trek Zoom background. The next few in our list are typical funny backgrounds that never get old. Download them for free here. Missing the office? Just imagine you’re back there trying to hear yourself think over the noise of all your coworkers yelling at their screens.

Download : Office cubicle Zoom background. You might get some strange looks from your teammates for this one. But hey, we bet it’s a conversation starter. Download : Casting couch Zoom background. Show up to your next meeting standing next to one of your favorite actors from the famous Fast and Furious gang. Download : Fast and Furious Background for Zoom. Did your colleagues forget it was your birthday? Throw this birthday balloon background on to pass over the subtle message.

Download : Birthday Zoom Background. Nothing beats an ocean breeze, and a little beach time. Download : Beach Background for Zoom. Prepare for the spooky festivities by dressing up and jumping on Zoom for some good ol Halloween fun. And, if Halloween is long past, you can still throw on one of these funny virtual backgrounds to shock your team. Download : Halloween Zoom Background. Feeling fed up with meetings?

Step into some camo clothes, drop to your knees and start singing the Sweet tooth lyrics as a protest. Bonus points if you know them by heart. Download : Sweet Tooth Zoom Background. Do you have a favourite funny zoom meeting background? Reach out and let us know which funny wallpapers you’ll use for your next meeting. And, if you’re favourite funny backgrounds happens to be missing from our list, we’ll add it in!

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Live Better show. Knowledge Base. Video Tutorials. Facebook Community. Affiliate Program. Content Calendar. Free Video Templates. Use Cases. Zoom Video Backgrounds Jazz up your next online meeting with these ready-to-use custom Zoom video backgrounds. In the following example, we added a logo as a sticker, applied it to the whole video length, and turned the animation off. This way, it will not blink when video loops.

If you have some significant objects in your video background, it is better to place them in the negative space. In most cases, it would be the top corners and some space on the sides. Picture yourself in the middle of a busy city during your video conferences with this reporter-style virtual background. However, if you move aside during your call, you leave much more space for your background, and you have more freedom placing objects in there.

You may place the text on the left or right and then sit in a way that your portrait takes the other half of the screen. Make a video background a part of your online event. For instance, pin the title of your webinar on it. You can use the previous trick to place another hero into your video. For example, you can pretend you have a dog asking for a walk outside.

See, how much space there is for a portrait here, and it might look quite natural as if you are sitting on the floor in this room. Your portrait may become a meme among your teammates if you use this funny video background with a meerkat. Everyone would be happy to see your cat or dog and get some joy. Please, show your pet to the world! Put yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite movie or TV show using a virtual video background.

For example, you can be sorted into Gryffindor for your bravery and vast intelligence. Or find yourself lost in the digital code rain of the Matrix with this virtual video background. Remember, you can always customize the text to your liking. If you know that someone on a call is found of the same series, your video background may become an ice-breaker. Current travel restrictions cannot ban you from traveling with video backgrounds.

Download the high-res version. No need to battle the Lannisters, Starks, Baratheons or any other noble house of Westeros for the Iron Throne — you can just plop yourself on it via a free Zoom background. Zoom backgrounds don’t have to be a static image.

You can use a GIF, like this pre-made collection from Giphy opens in new tab. Choose to sit in front of a seaside landscape with a moving sailboat or a bubbling waterfall. Our favorite is the city with floating animals like jellyfish and a whale. Thanks to social distancing and stay-at-home regulations, the world right now feels eerily similar to The Walking Dead.

But unlike the zombie drama, which tweeted opens in new tab a few free Zoom backgrounds, we don’t have to worry about brain-eating monsters coming for us probably? Try this Modsy recreation of Monica’s apartment from Friends and you can pretend like you live in a comically large NYC pad. They are categorized into memes, funny, movie caps, landscapes and videos. Seems about right for these times. Maybe your apartment is full of IKEA furniture, but let’s be honest, it probably doesn’t look as put-together or lifestyle porn-like as these free IKEA Zoom backgrounds.

Canva opens in new tab is an online design tool that offers free virtual background templates that you can customize. Our favorite is this conference call bingo sheet.


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Living life through a screen has imagges the norm since COVID hit the globe, and video conferencing apps such as Zoom have taken the world by storm. Not only have they been super convenient to keep things moving in the workplace, but they are also crucial for downloax with family and friends.

Video conferencing apps have opened up limitless possibilities and Zoom has no doubt been a lifesaver. But after a while, sitting in front of zoom virtual background images download free funny /15170.txt screen can get quite boring.

So what better way to lighten the mood than by using visually entertaining Zoom virtual background images? Keep reading to learn the whyhow and what of using Zoom virtual background images. Apart from lightening the mood, you can use background images to let your personality color the conversation. Fknny you are among familiar vunny or friends, use an image to bring up an inside joke and add some laughter to the call. Plus, a background photo always ikages in handy if you need to mask your real jmages.

We know you meant to fold that laundry; you just backtround track of time. Thanks to modern pop culture and the internet with its inexhaustible ability to create bizarre trends, you will have no problem finding an entertaining photo to use as zoom virtual background images download free funny Zoom background image. In /18672.txt article, we have rounded up 27 of the most entertaining Zoom backgrounds on virtuak Internet.

Setting up a virtual background for your Zoom calls is quite image. First things first, though, check if your processor can handle zooom backgrounds. Start by heading over to the Zoom web portal and clicking the settings tab. Once you have this option enabled, simply select the background of your choice during your calls. You can use pretty much any image ratio, but it would be downlod to adjust it to fit your camera. For example, if your camera is set toan image of x pixels zoom virtual background images download free funny x pixels would look best.

This is because the image will be projected onto the screen behind you to result in total immersion. On the other hand, if you have a relatively solid, flat wall in your /5997.txt, you may get away with it even without a green screen.

We scoured every corner of the internet including Reddit to bring you the best of the best. Take a look at our collection of amazing backgrounds you can use on Zoom. Check in from your favorite pub. Place yourself on the Iron Throne and rule the Zoom meeting from your spiky chair!

This is and will always be a classic. Imgaes out for that creeper! You can simply expect Kramer to barge through that door at any second! The iconic confession wall from virtua, of the funniest TV shows in the last decade. What has happened in Dunder Mifflin today? Seeing this will remind everyone about the bizarre life of zookeeper Joe Exotic. And there you zoom virtual background images download free funny it — zoom virtual background images download free funny на этой странице photos to use as your virtual Zoom background.

If those gave you a dose of inspiration /1172.txt you want to create a custom image for your Zoom calls, you can easily читать далее so with Glorify читать больше, an easy-to-use design tool that will have your funnh ready in no time. How to use interesting Zoom virtual backgrounds Apart from lightening the mood, you can use background images to let your personality color the conversation.

How to set up your Zoom virtual background Setting up a virtual background for your Zoom calls is quite easy. Once there, scroll down until you see the virtual background option and make sure to select it. How can I create customized Zoom backgrounds with Glorify? Customize it with your preferred fonts, icons, images and colors. You can even design your own template from scratch.

What type of images can be used читать полностью Zoom backgrounds? You zoom virtual background images download free funny get as creative as you girtual with Zoom backgrounds. Glorify offers a vast range of templates from various categories such as music, arts, quotes, nature, HD images, sports, vehicles and much more.

Choose the ones you like best and customize them to get unique Zoom backgrounds. How long does it take to create customized Zoom background images? With Glorify, the process is quick and easy. You can create a customized Zoom background image within minutes. Your subscription could not be saved. Please try again. Your subscription has been successful. Related articles Go back to Main Blog Page. The only перейти focussed design tool Get Started now.