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If, for instance, you wanted your students to participate in a group brainstorm, you could ask them a question and post it on the whiteboard for clarity that they could answer by shouting out answers or sending them through chat, while you wrote them down. Want to have multiple people contributing to Zoom Whiteboard all at once? The annotation tools provide multiple ways to engage your students in course activities. This is an upgrade from older versions where whiteboards only exist in meetings. Only the participant or host that started sharing the whiteboard has access to create and switch pages.

Zoom whiteboard settings.How to Use Zoom Whiteboard (with Screenshots)


In your meeting tool bar, click the Share Screen button and then select Whiteboard. You can now use the page controls in the bottom right-hand side corner to create a new page or to switch between whiteboards. On the iOS device, tap the Share Content button within the meeting controls menu. When you have finished using the Whiteboard, tap the pen icon to hide the annotation tools and click Stop Share. Tapping on the pen icon opens up the annotation tools. From there, you can select the drawing tools you require.

To stop sharing, click on the pen icon to hide the annotation tool bar. Then click Stop Share. Additionally, during your Zoom session, you can share multiple whiteboards. If you have simultaneous screen sharing on, you can view whiteboards from different meeting attendees.

However, to view two Whiteboards simultaneously, you will need dual monitors. You can also share a whiteboard through an email and Zoom Chat. You can further your collaboration with your team by giving them edit access to your Whiteboard. Suppose someone else is working on a whiteboard.

As a participant in the meeting, you can edit the Whiteboard, use the cursor, and add texts and sticky notes to the diagrams.

You can find it in the share screen menu. Windows, Mac, and Linux users will have to select Annotate to start drawing on the shared Whiteboard. Adding a Zoom Whiteboard to your meetings can positively affect your team collaboration, creativity, engagement. Adding an interactive element to Zoom meetings can increase the overall level of engagement during your meetings. A Zoom Whiteboard can do precisely that.

A Zoom Whiteboard can shift attention from the meeting host to the material and the meeting participants. Adding comments and sticky notes to the information on the Whiteboard allows the participants to provide valuable input. This way, instead of conducting only a presenter to audience interaction, you can make way for a collaborative group discussion. A host can split participants into separate breakout rooms where they can use different Whiteboards to brainstorm ideas.

Read our detailed article on how to use Zoom and understand how you can make the most of its features. Bringing a Zoom Whiteboard into the communication mix can help employees adjust to a remote setting. A Whiteboard can make your remote teams feel like they are in the conference room with the speaker. The feature gives you the ability to share, create, and annotate during Zoom meetings from anywhere in the world.

It can make your team members feel at home. That can go a long way in promoting healthy work attitudes, which can in turn yield productivity. The Zoom Whiteboard feature can create a more engaging video conferencing environment for employees. It promotes positive working mindsets for your employees and is cost-efficient compared to the standard costs for setting up conference rooms.

You can go through the tutorials in this article to learn how to use, share and collaborate on the Zoom Whiteboard. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff on remote working and productivity to your email inbox. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Learn how to use the drawing tool. As the Zoom meeting host or if you are using a company account, you can follow these steps: Step 1 If you are using a company account, sign in to your Zoom account and ensure you have admin privileges to edit the account settings.

Step 2 With admin privileges, in the navigation menu, click on Account Management and then click Account Settings. Step 3 Click the Meeting tab. Step 4 A verification pop-up will appear. Click Enable to verify the change. Step 5 If you want to make this setting mandatory for all account users, click on the lock icon and then choose Lock.

Special WordPress blog themes let you create interesting and visually stunning online logs You can turn off comments for individual pages or posts or for your entire website. Keep reading to find out how Our WordPress guide will guide you step-by-step through the website making process Share a Zoom whiteboard: Quick instructions Start a Zoom meeting. You create the Zoom whiteboard using screen sharing. What is the Zoom whiteboard?

How do you share a Zoom whiteboard with other participants? In the desktop app Step 1: Log in to the desktop app and create a Zoom meeting. Step 3: The screen sharing settings menu will open. Here you can select windows, documents, or files for screen sharing. Step 4: You can now edit the whiteboard as you wish. Tools for writing, drawing, and various stamps can also be found in the toolbar.

New pages can be added with the plus symbol in the bottom right. You can turn pages using the arrows in the menu at the bottom of the page. You can write, paint, and draw shapes on the Zoom whiteboard. In the mobile app Step 1: Open the mobile app. Step 4: The whiteboard with the menu bar will now open. If the menu bar disappears, briefly tap the screen to make it visible again.

You have the choice to save the drawing in an album or to open another whiteboard. In the iPad app, you can draw on the digital whiteboard with your fingers. What features does the Zoom whiteboard offer? The Zoom whiteboard offers the following tools: Text writing Drawing various lines Stamps e.

Which sharing options does the Zoom whiteboard offer? Related products.


One moment, please – Share a Zoom whiteboard: Quick instructions

You can copy and paste text onto the Zoom whiteboard, so if you wanted to have your students look closely at a passage or problem together, you could quickly make that information available using the text function. Annotation Tools : Below is a list of features available to you when accessing a shared whiteboard if allowed by the individual who started the meeting.


Zoom Whiteboard Launches: Here’s How To Use It.


You can share your computer screen with participants wjiteboard your Zoom meeting, zoom whiteboard settings that they can see what you see on your computer. This allows you to look at a program zoom whiteboard settings document together, and to share PowerPoint slides with your class as you lecture via Zoom.

You can also annotate on a blank canvas using the Zoom whiteboard tool. Visit our FAQ for information on sharing your screen to show a video. When selecting what you want to share, you can either select the first option—Desktop—which shares your entire computer whitebboard with participants whatever you are seeing, they will seeor you can share specific applications with your participants such as zoom whiteboard settings PowerPoint application. Only жмите that are open on your computer источник be wettings to be shared.

Once you begin sharing your screen, a green frame will appear around the application you have selected to share, or the entire screen if you chose to share your Desktop. By default, only the host of the Zoom session can share their screen. If you want your participants to be able to share their screen, you can change the sharing settings in the meeting.

If you only want to let one of your participants share their screen, for example, a zoom whiteboard settings or guest speaker, you could make them a co-host. You can also change the screen sharing settimgs for your account so that participants can share their screen in all of your Zoom meetings.

Go to your account settings on zoom. Zoom allows you to add annotations when you are sharing your zoom whiteboard settings. Tools include a text tool to type text onto the screen, a hand-drawing tool, a setitngs tool, and a spotlight tool for highlighting the location of your cursor.

The annotations will save as an zoom whiteboard settings into your Zoom folder on your computer. Zoom Screen Sharing and Annotation. This page will cover: Sharing your screen Letting participants share their screen Annotating whiteboaard your shared screen Zoom whiteboard Visit zoom whiteboard settings FAQ for information on sharing your settinge to show a video.

Annotating over your shared screen Zoom allows you to add annotations when you are sharing your screen.