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May 03,  · The web cam works with the built in camera app and in Google Meet, but in Zoom I see a black screen instead of video. I was able to fix it by going into Zoom, clicking Settings -> Video -> Advanced, Setting Video Capturing Method to Media Foundation, and closing and reopening the Zoom app. Report abuse. people found this reply helpful. Aug 17,  · It’s due to my overprotective antivirus which blocked the webcam request from Chrome. Once I disabled it, I was able to use it for zoom. When it’s not in use, I enable the protection setting as before. Apr 27,  ·.since last week, I have a problem turning on my laptop camera in zoom I’m using an Asus laptop with Windows 10, and the camera is working perfectly fine in every app. I can also open if I’m using the web app of zoom But every time I’m in a zoom meeting in the desktop app, and I’m trying to open the camera, zoom refuses to do so.


Why is my video/webcam not working in Zoom meetings?.

If the problem persists try reinstalling the webcam driver by going to the Device Manager and uninstalling the driver under the Webcam menu, then proceeding to. Fix-1 Check if Zoom is using the right camera- · Fix 2 – If you are using Zoom on Chrome · Fix-3 Use Zoom Troubleshooting- · Fix-4 Modify Zoom video settings- · Fix.