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How to reset resolution on pc black screen. ARCHIVED: In Windows, how do I restore my display settings if my display is illegible?

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When a blue screen appears, the monitor displays the error. But with the black screen, you are just left guessing what could be the problem. If you are experiencing such a problem, then in this article you will learn the possible solutions to fix the monitor black screen. We will also explain how to recover the data if you lose any because of the pc monitor black screen. Getting a black screen is the most frustrating thing because you do not know the reason for this issue.

While turning on your computer if you are getting monitor black screen, do not worry. Here are the possible solutions that help you fix this problem. You might have already done this, but it is worth mentioning here because this happens more often than you think. So whenever you get pc monitor black screen, ensure that the power cable is correctly plugged in the outlet. Now press the power button and see does the indicator displays light.

If it displays, the monitor will turn on, but if not, then either there is some defect with the monitor or it may not be receiving power. Does the power light displays now? If yes, then browse your computer, but if the above steps do not prove successful, proceed to the next solution. Loose or faulty cables can also be the cause of the computer monitor black screen.

So, it is advised to check all the connected cables from both ends. This is necessary to ensure that the wires are well-connected. After performing the above two steps, you should switch off and turn on the monitor again to see if the problem is fixed.

Check for any breakage or bends in the video cable and connectors. If any of these is damaged, you will not be able to see any display on the monitor. When you witness any broken and bent pins in the connector, try to mend them with some metal tube. After straightening, reconnect it again and ensure proper connection. Now turn out the computer and see if you can view the display on your monitor.

You can also try connecting your computer to some other monitor to check whether the monitor is at fault or the computer. After making the connection, tighten all the cables and check by turning on the computer and monitor. You can also configure the compatible display resolution of your Windows. Proceed with the steps after connecting your computer to some other monitor. You can change the display settings from the graphics mode. If you are using the LCD monitor, set the resolution to the monitor’s native resolution.

Step 1: Right-click on “Start,” and then click on Shut down or the sign-out link. When the computer restarts, the screen gives you a display of several options that you can enable or disable. Step 8: Now connect your original monitor and change the resolution to match it with the default settings.

You need to update the graphic’s driver of your computer if you are unable to select the native resolution of your computer. Are you able to see the boot screen when you turn on the computer?

But does it disappears soon after Windows load? This could be the issue of the Windows. Boot in safe mode and try to repair Windows with system restore or automatic repair. To enter the safe mode:. You can also enter the safe mode through the startup settings option. Reach startup settings, as explained in Solution 5. Now try automatic repair or system restore option first. If it does not work, reset your computer.

It will reinstall the system files of Windows. Many situations can cause this problem. For example:. Today, we are talking about the black screen x issue, that is to say, black screen after changing resolution Windows Why your computer runs into a black screen?

How to get rid of this problem? After reading this post, you should know the answers. The cause of a black screen or other display problems is usually related to a damaged or incorrect driver. However, if the screen is black, correcting the driver problem may be a little difficult. The first method to fix the x black screen issue is to boot in recovery mode and start the PC in Safe Mode. Step 1: From the Choose an option screen, click the Troubleshoot option.

Next, click Advanced Options. Step 4: Then you will see multiple options for startup. Press the F4 key to enable Safe Mode.

Now your PC will restart in Safe Mode, which is visible on the wallpaper and there is a version number on the top middle screen. Then, you need to change the graphic driver. Step 2: Check under the Display Adapters section to locate your display adapter. Step 3: Right-click on the adapter you currently have installed and select the Properties option.

You can also choose Update Driver to update it or Uninstall Device to reinstall it.



Fix Blank Screen After Changing Computer Display Settings.In Windows, how do I restore my display settings if my display is illegible?

Reset the Screen Resolution · Right-click on your desktop and click on Display settings. · Now search for Display Resolution and tap on the down. Press Ctrl + Win + Shift + B. The screen may flicker as the video driver is reset. Force a shutdown. Press.