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Second life download for windows 10 free.Second Life


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Jul 08,  · Second Life Viewer is free to download from our software library. The tool can also be called “SecondLifeViewer”. The tool can also be called “SecondLifeViewer”. The actual developer of the free program is Linden Lab/5(27). Feb 03,  · Whats the best Download for sl on windows Old thread, BUT W/10 question: I recently tested both Firestorm & Singularity () W/10 x64 viewers. Oct 21,  · This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (bit and bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from simulation games without restrictions. Second Life is available to all software users as a free download for Windows/5(4).

Second life download for windows 10 free.Black Dragon Viewer

Feb 03,  · Whats the best Download for sl on windows Old thread, BUT W/10 question: I recently tested both Firestorm & Singularity () W/10 x64 viewers. Jul 08,  · Second Life Viewer is free to download from our software library. The tool can also be called “SecondLifeViewer”. The tool can also be called “SecondLifeViewer”. The actual developer of the free program is Linden Lab/5(27). About Second Life Viewer. To explore, communicate, and connect in Second Life, you’ll need to download our 3D browsing software, or what we call the SL Viewer. It’s not only fast and easy to download and install, but it’s free and contains no spyware.

For anyone closely following the development either on Discord or watching the blog version number know that there have been 2 updates 4. I just didn’t feel like writing something for them because they aren’t exactly spectacular to talk about.

They are just bugfix updates. I’ve been bugsquashing to get the Viewer in a decent shape to Now that all the major issues are resolved i think its finally time to get the latest code again and break absolutely everything i fixed in the process. Apart from that not much has been done a couple highlights from the bugfix list would be the Poser finally being able to delete presets with special characters, an option to allow stretching the field of view in local snapshots too, the environment editor no longer deleting textures out of presets when you have the permissions, not binding roll or zoom on the controller no longer resulting in those breaking, a long standing issue being resolved with shadow softness at certain angles simply “snapping” to new values making the transition quite harsh and several options not working and warnings being incorrect.

So as you may or may not have noticed there was another update. This one’s an “emergency” update. So what do i mean when i say savable, are we not allowed to save them anymore at all?

Sounds good right? Nope, it’s not enough. LL does not want you to save presets at ALL. If you go to any region and there is a region Windlight, you are NOT allowed to save it, no matter how much editing you do to it. This sucks and i’ve clearly voiced my opinion about this situation and what they call “intellectual property” on presets. I do NOT see a collection of values for what is literally just a graphics preset as an IP protected asset same for shapes, but those have been like that since the beginning , LL sees this different apparently.

So what i had to do now was remove saving them. You can still save presets both as item and locally but ONLY if you are not using the region Windlight for instance you are using the default midday or when using your own presets.

Sure we all have a big collection of presets by now but it still sucks, knowing that all the work you’ve put into that preset cannot be saved just because it was initially based on a region Windlight is stupid But the update is not just this one change although i was initially thinking of just having this single change it does include almost everything else that was in the current WIP build just quickly finished up and hopefully fixed since it wouldn’t hurt to get some feedback on those changes as i’m now also aiming for a big UI overhaul in many parts of the UI, starting once again with preferences.

You can find the new widgets in the display tab of preferences, essentially what these are is what every game nowadays employs, a dropdown with two arrows allowing direct cycling through all options and a graphical display below them that shows how many options there are in total and on which one you currently are.

In addition they also highlight which ones are the default ultra setting and which ones are potentially dangerous, just like before. They save a massive amount of space and with the addition of dropdowns now being able to have tooltips for each individual entry, they also feature I’d like to hear what you think about them.

I really like them, gives everything a bit more modern feeling. Other noteworthy changes are a couple bugs that were reported not all of them yet like the animations control window no longer doing a full nuclear stop all animations when clicking stop, but rather just stopping the currently selected animation so you can test your animations easier without killing all your animations and potentially bugging them , search will no longer reset when you reopen it while its already open, projector shadow resolution didn’t properly work anymore and some preferences warning not properly working or firing off too easy.

Everything else is currently WIP but for those following the Discord channel will know that more and more UI parts are coming up to be overhauled, those include the Flycam Configuration window, the script window, the Animation Controls window, the Machinima Sidebar and the animation upload windows.

The final update before 4. The final update before i’ll want to work on something big for once, the update i will finally attempt to tackle the long planned Animator. I feel unprepared and still have no idea how to do the UI For anyone who cares, why did the update take so long? I wanted this update to include as much fixing as possible, god knows how long i’ll be busy with the Animator, i might start it and only stop when i’m happy with it or i might give up on it and restart several times, sinking months of work into it just to realize it won’t work as well as i want it to The new statusbar buttons have had a few fixes, all camera buttons should now work and in addition to that there is no a Camera Roll button whenever your camera is not leveled, finally a way to reset the camera roll with a simple click.

As per suggestion Windlights can now be put into the favoritesbar but don’t complain at me for it opening the editor, the favoritesbar executes whatever is the default behavior of the item you put into it , a new option to turn off impostor generation has been added its only a debug option so far because unless i make it immediately derender impostors i didn’t feel like its worth a setting in preferences, yet , the taskbar flashing when you receive an IM can now be toggled off wow that was annoying Also a bunch of reported bugs have been squashed, including: wearable body parts not replacing when double clicking them, issues with getting disconnected towards the “precaching” phase on login due to extended unresponsive times, snapshots to inventory not being cropped anymore its an option now , BOM allowing local textures to be used, Animesh showing empty complexity information and the onscreen controls not scaling with zoom factor like the keyboard and mouse controls do.

Other noteworthy changes are the snapshot window now scaling with the snapshot aspect ratio without having to change the window aspect ratio , the ability to save x inventory textures directly and a new feature to flip poses in the Poser. Bear in mind that the snapshot window has been ripped entirely apart and duct taped back together because it was a huge scattered mess that made working with it hard and unnecessarily complicated or outright impossible without workarounds , to fix this i had to essentially rip it into pieces and stitch it back together removing all the bridges, duplicate code, hacks and workarounds, it MIGHT be that something is not entirely working as before but overall the snapshot window seemed to work fine, if you find any weird behavior though report it as usual.

So many updates and so many fixes in such a short time, whats happening? I don’t know but i’m in a damn good mood! Show Selection Outlines has also been added to Preferences – Viewer No more accidentally yeeting the Viewer! Also a big shoutout to Boston Blaisdale for making this incredibly good tutorial video about Black Dragon:. Note that from this update on, all textures on your objects will be counted, this means specular and normal maps will be included into complexity, they previously weren’t should tell you how broken LL’s was , thanks for Flame Swenholt for finding that one!

The focus once again being fixing all bugs that were reported after the big official code merge and there were quite a few as well as some old ones finally getting fixed. Fixes include that you should no longer get banned from regions that ban people based on reported complexity, the Viewer now reports the official numbers, so no more getting banned when you deserve it, instead prepare to get banned when you wear optimized avatars, great!

Don’t worry though, the Viewer still uses the altered complexity formula for determining avatar complexity and will continue to do so The reason water did this was because i allowed lights to be reflected on water again, which meant making water actually glossy yes it actually wasn’t , this in turn however meant the glossiness issue would appear on water as well.

Sadly this isn’t easy to fix if at all but i’ve added an option to switch between the original light reflections and the specularity reflections for those that want more accurate light reflections they can be occluded by shadows and lights reflecting on water or the original reflection which does not have this fullbright issue.

Your choice! While we are on the topic of environment, several EEP fixes from Drake that are coming officially have been ported over early, including better clouds, proper star positions, rainbows working without shadows, better sun gamma and several others.

I’m sure with these EEP will look better than ever or at least closer to windlight again. And while we are at rendering, some users noticed that Deferred Rendering breaks when you turn off shadows and SSAO, this should no longer be the case and Deferred Rendering can once again be used without these for whatever reason.

Fuck you i can, in fact i did. Also no more right-click menus while in Appearance or holding down Alt. Let’s leave the old bugs in the dust with this bugfix update and introduce lots and lots of new ones with the merge to the latest LL code, surely nothing is gonna break. So what is fixed you may ask, none less than basically the entire known buglist in discord minus the intel shader thingy and an animation bug that i still cannot reproduce but is a known issue in the official viewer too apparently.

Lots of warnings and errors, specifically log spamming warnings have been fixed which should hopefully clean up the log files a bit in case you encountered these. They can also reduce your framerate, writing something a million times per second into a log file takes its toll you know. A curious bug that required some very specific steps to be taken that resulted in the snapshot refresh button disabling your UI has been fixed, no more frantically asking for that toggle UI shortcut!

Sliders, especially those in the environment window were a little Not only should this no longer be the case and zooming in should progressively raise sensitivity, i’ve also gone all the way and fixed a problem with mouse smoothing causing small scale 1 pixel onscreen movements to be completely ignored by the Viewer when attempting to move the camera. Now every pixel counts. I’ve also implemented a requested feature to display “statuses”, such as when the camera focus is locked. Previously the Viewer already had this very Your statuses will be displayed at the bottom and they can be clicked to disable the status, say to stand up, stop flying, unfreeze world and so on.

As some hawk-eyed have noticed there is also a button hiding in the above system that implies a totally new feature Yes you can now bind a crouch toggle button in the Keybindings tab and it will toggle crouch until you hit it again, jump, fly, sit down etc. Now you can do pictures while crouched or just save your hand from holding down crouch the entire time.

Two last things, one being altitude based windlights not working, they should once again work they basically always did but they weren’t applied to you because the apply was never triggered.

The other one being something mostly interesting for human bodies. Thanks to Drake, shininess has been fixed back to pre-EEP levels. Disclaimer Black Dragon is MY Viewer, i decide which feature i want to add and which to remove, i share this Viewer to show the world that user base size is not important, i do rate quality by effort, thought and love put into the project, not some rough estimated numbers.

I consider feature requests only if i you can name proper valid reasons i can agree on. It is my unpaid time i’m putting into this project, i’m not here to cater to every Joe’s desires. Saturday, September 18, Black Dragon 64x – Update 4. As always, report any bugs you see so i can shoot them! Nobre By Emeline Laks. Tuesday, July 20, Black Dragon 64x – Update 4. Big big update time! The goal here was to simplify the and reorganize all options to make it as easy for the user as and fast as possible for users to work with the options and get what they want while at the same time keeping a nice aesthetic and of course as much functionality as possible.

The “Ticker” widgets are nothing new anymore because they were already introduced in 3. Their goal is to make it easier for the user to know what they are doing, no one knows what Motion Blur Quality 90 meant, or did you?

What about Terrain Texture Quality Which one is better Some options work different, which is why numbers were simply confusing and that is exactly what these Tickers are supposed to address. Several other windows has been tidied up and overhauled as well to give them some love that they really needed after all this time, the script My Scripts and Region Memory info windows have been overhauled and the My Scripts window in particular has been added because it was missing so far.

The animation controls window has also been cleaned up a bit, relabeled some buttons and moved them around so they make more sense and a couple of other minor tweaks also went into Tools, the Script Editor as well as the Snapshot window.

Speaking of the Snapshot window, it has been cleaned up a bit now that Emails are confirmed discontinued officially and a couple of bugs have been fixed, Autoscale Rendering in particular should now work again and Remember Snapshot mode should now work again and persist across the entire session. In addition to that the custom snapshot resolution you set should now also save per session. The last major UI change is removal of the Voice dot. It has been removed because it was known to impact performance heavily and i always found that it was either in the way or getting stuck inside the Avatar or behind your nametag.

No more! The Voice dot is now part of the nametag and will currently only display whenever you are speaking, there is currently no indicator if someone has Voice or not but i’m going to change that in the next update. As an added little bonus, you will now also see a little donut icon above my head as indicator that i’m the developer, its super cute.

The below image highlights very well why the old Voice dot was simply bad in comparison to the new voice indicator on your nametag. Apart from some major UI overhaul that i’ve started with this update and are going to continue with the upcoming 4.

This includes the Poser reverting your shape to the previous avatar when switching avatars while the Poser window is open, EEP presets reverting to the first one when opening another one while the Fixed Environment window is already open, Animeshes being counted as many times as they have sub parts, the Local tab being greyed out on ALL clothing items when editing wearable layers, double clicking them replacing previous layers most noticeably with tattoo layers and being unable to delete Camera presets if they contained a “-“.

There have also been some additions that were requested such as being able to copy the Camera Recorder entries to clipboard, being able to bind a button to reset the camera roll while in flycam, being able to lock the camera position in place while moving around requires you to zoom onto something and then you can move around without the camera snapping back and the addition of a consistency change for all Appearance windows which now allows you to simply double click clothing pieces and attachments in your Outfits and Edit Outfit windows to simply detach or attach things, just like in your inventory.

As always, thanks to everyone who keeps supporting the Viewer, both past Patreon patrons, current patrons and non patrons. I’d like to highlight this picture taken by Spiritus Spectris Audax on Discord who has been using the Viewer for a long time and has been posting pictures in the Discord server from time to time that have always showed some absolute fantastic detail and really made the Viewer and its features shine but these two pictures in particular have been absolutely the best overall i’ve seen so far out of all pictures.