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Avoid downloading files during your Zoom meeting. Work Around Performance Issues. If you are presenter, share the materials with a co-host in case you have issues. Use online collaboration tools such as Box, SharePoint, etc. Optimize Your Internet. Plug directly into your home router. Many home routers offer different speeds for Wi-Fi versus hard-wired connections. When wireless is necessary, bring the device close to your router or hot spot connection.

Measure your bandwidth speed. Zoom recommends an internet speed of 1. Additional bandwidth recommendations can be found at Zoom System Requirements. When this happens, our instinct is to panic and blindly try different solutions to improve our Internet connection.

Monitoring your network performance with a software like Obkio helps you monitor your Internet connection and address Zoom Internet connection problems by monitoring your Zoom network performance during your calls, and showing you clearly when a network problem occurred, why it happened, and what part of your network is responsible. So we already know that network performance can affect Zoom performance, but how can you know for sure? By using a performance monitoring solution and deploying Monitoring Agents in strategic locations, you can clearly identify if a problem is network-related, and if so, where a network problem is coming from.

For example, Zoom is supported by AWS , and has been since Monitoring your AWS and network performance will help you determine if your network is affecting Zoom, and if so, how. Network issues can occur in many different parts of your network. A Network Monitoring software like Obkio, will monitor end-to-end network performance using Monitoring Agents strategically placed at different locations to provide you with information on:. So sometimes, you never know where the network problems are coming from, and what they may affect.

Learn how to identify and diagnose Internet problems and Internet connectivity issues in your network using Network Monitoring and Traceroutes. With a proactive network monitoring software, you can identify problems right as they happen, even before your end-users start experiencing them.

For more information on troubleshooting network problems, check out our article on How to Troubleshoot Network Issues.

Learn how to troubleshoot network issues by identifying where, what, why network problems occur with Network Troubleshooting tools. To continuously monitor your network and Zoom performance, we recommend using a Network Monitoring software , like Obkio to do the work for you. A network monitoring software can continuously monitor end-to-end network performance and identify network issues for you. It can help locate the source of problems affecting Zoom when Zoom performance is unstable, but your Internet is working just fine.

Remember, your Internet isn’t always the main problem! Start Zoom monitoring network performance and troubleshooting network problems in 15 minutes with Obkio! To begin monitoring Zoom network performance with Obkio, you need to deploy Monitoring Agents which continuously run tests to measure network and application performance. As mentioned earlier, Zoom is supported by AWS. For best results, relocate to a well-lit room for example with big windows or bump up your lighting.

Get the right location and improve the quality of the light. Nothing beats experimentation here, so try different locations, lighting configurations and lights to get the best look. Often, nothing beats natural light so if you have a well-lit room and you are making calls during the day , try a conservatory or sitting close to a large window. In general, ceiling lights will not work well and will make eyes look dark and sunken.

High-CRI lamps provide excellent colour consistency, making your video much more lifelike and natural, with beautiful, vibrant colours. If you really want the best possible lighting, we recommend dedicated high-CRI LED lights used by professional videographers. By trying different lighting arrangements and locations, you will be amazed by the difference they make. A plain, light-coloured wall can often make you look like a badly-taken passport photo.

Objects like bookcases can add visual interest. To avoid your background looking too dark, lighting your background can be highly advantageous. Consider using a proper green screen background. Used regularly in many feature films, green screen is an extremely powerful technique for replacing backgrounds. The principle of green screen otherwise know as chromakey is that your video conferencing application removes anything from the screen that is green.

Those areas are replaced with a background of your choosing. Green backgrounds can be purchased at affordable prices — in a variety of materials such as cloth or plastic. If you do not like the location where you have a video conference, or just want to flexibility of choosing your own background, green screen can be very useful. For best results with green screen, care must taken with lighting.

As well the subject being lit properly, the green background screen should be lit evenly too so that your video conferencing software is able to clearly distinguish the background.

Be careful when choosing your replacement background as many can look artificial. If you are not using a green screen background, please avoid the artificial green screen effect that is offered by video conferencing applications, where the application will attempt to separate the background from the subject. Choose the best, highest quality video conferencing service. We have been underwhelmed by the picture quality offered by most mainstream video conferencing solutions.

When staring at the low-resolution images on offer, no wonder people yearn for real face-to-face contact. Furthermore, the video and audio quality can vary dramatically between services. Of the mainstream services on offer, we have been particularly disappointed by the quality of Zoom, and prefer the video quality we achieve with Skype at our location. In early , we will be providing a comprehensive review of video conferencing services.

We hope that, with the increasing take-up of ultrafast broadband, more and more video conferencing services will offer the ability to select higher video bit rates and ultra HD quality. It is worth trying less-well-known video conferencing providers that are focused on the development of higher-quality services, especially if you benefit from a good broadband connection.

For example, TrueConf, offers an Ultra HD 4k video conferencing experience, which we are currently testing. Ensure you are running the latest version of your video conferencing application and operating system and download any updates before you have your video call. Upgrade your operating system to the latest version and keep it updated to enable you to run the very latest version of your video conferencing application.

Faster devices with more memory tend to run video conferencing applications better. More sophisticated video and audio coding techniques require more intensive processing. We think trying to run video conferencing software on a old computer is asking for trouble. Close other applications running at the same time. If you have applications, such as mail or a browser, open and running in the background, close these for the duration of your call.

The operation and management of multitasking on a computing device can often cause annoying glitches to real-time voice and video services. Dedicating your computer processor, memory and broadband access to your video conferencing application will help to avoid frustrating issues.

Closing down unnecessary applications also prevents you from being interrupted by unwanted emails and distractions during your video call. Nothing is more annoying than a window popping up and obscuring your video conferencing session. Set up your video conferencing application for the best quality where this is possible. Some video conferencing applications allow you to tweak settings to improve video and sound quality so look to see if there any quality-enhancing options you can select particularly if you have a good broadband connection.

Some services are more extensive in the quality adjustments that can be made.



How can i improve my zoom connection – how can i improve my zoom connection: –


Close other Applications: Zoom uses memory and processing from your computer and is not prioritized over other applications – closing applications you do not need will improve your Zoom experience Try to pause downloading updates, if you can.

Avoid Crowding Your Router: If there are multiple devices from other individuals joined to your router or hotspot try to avoid video streaming which will affect bandwidth e. Netflix, YouTube TV, etc. Switch to Phone Audio: If you have an unstable connection, you can join the meeting by phone. For immediate instructions, click on the up arrow to the right of the microphone icon as shown below:.

Planning Ahead: Calling in by Phone as a Presenter: Plan ahead if you know that you may have connectivity issues during a meeting or webinar. A best practice is to have a colleague assist you by co-hosting the meeting or webinar. Instructors should always use a wired Ethernet connection when holding virtual classes via Zoom. Many connectivity issues in Zoom are caused by poor and unstable WiFi networks.

Also, check out the support page Are you are having internet connectivity issues? Update the Zoom software client on your computer Keep Zoom updated on your computer and mobile device. When hosting a Zoom meeting mute your participants Muting your participants is always a good way to avoid background noise. Participants can always unmute themselves when they are ready to talk. Use Gallery View during a meeting If you are expecting a lot of participants, consider using Gallery View to see the participants up to 49 on your screen.

Netflix, Hulu, YouTube – cloud backups e. Carbonite, CrashPlan – cloud file synchronizations e. Box, OneDrive, Dropbox. Wireless Router Maintenance Similar to having to reboot your computer periodically, it’s also a good idea to reboot your wireless router.

Typically this can be done by unplugging the power cable for 30 seconds and then plugging back it. It will generally take a few minutes for the router to reboot so that you can connect. Whether you own or rent your router, it’s always a good idea to perform software updates to them. You can contact your Service Provider and the manufacture to find out information on how to update your router.

For assistance, contact the IS Service Desk. Search Articles. What are some ways of ensuring my Zoom experience is good? I have a low bandwidth connection, can I still use Zoom? Box, OneDrive, Dropbox Wireless Router Maintenance Similar to having to reboot your computer periodically, it’s also a good idea to reboot your wireless router.


How can i improve my zoom connection – how can i improve my zoom connection:. Improve and troubleshoot your Zoom experience


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Free Zoom virtual backgrounds. How to hold a virtual town hall meeting. How to do breakout rooms in Zoom. How to collect registrations for Zoom webinars. That’s a wonderful list of tips regarding how one can improve video quality. There can be so many issues with video calling that needed to be solved on time. Thank you very much.

Commercial Internet Pontotoc. Quality of your video can be improved through proper technology. Thanks for sharing this information here. When it comes to better connectivity and conversation, it is essential to choose the best. Thanks for sharing this post here. Fastest braodband Pontotoc. I am a participant in a zoom dance class with music and dancing through out class. Can you offer tips to help me get best reception and experience.

Can I just ask a quick question please? Does the number of participants affect the reception. I live in an area with poor broadband reception. I have been getting good reception on zoom with approx 25 people. If I have participants might the quality be worse? Hello FREE. This article is originally published on Jul 06, , and updated on Jun 02, Join , Subscribers.

Team Communication. Jamie Kavanagh. Jamie worked as an engineer for a U. He is passionate about making technical subjects understandable to everyone. How To Use Zoom.

Poor resolution can lead to lags in the computer. The video settings can be turned off to turn off HD. By following these steps, you can open Zoom Settings by using the gear icon in the top right corner. You may have a connection problem if you are too far from the router and your device disconnects. Your Wi-Fi fails due to too-fast connections. Hardware on your network needs to be updated or it needs to be set up newer.

Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. Infix 1, a review of your internet connection is needed. You can fix another error by resetting your router. The third fix to fix the modems is to reset them. Run the inbuilt network troubleshooter in order to fix this issue. The fix is to reset the network so that all devices work properly.

The DNS server needs to be changed in fix 6. If you can get the Internet connection you need, do so.