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Much of the casing is coated in some sort of rubberised skin, which obviously helps, and the result is a product that is as good at rejecting handling noise as any I’ve tested. Zoom have obviously done their research and set out to top the competition wherever they could. Pros Flexible recording options. The H6 also works as a 6-in, 2-out computer interface via USB. Product Links Down below you will find all of the items I talked about in this article. The advantage of this microphone would be that you can record dialogue with the directional is zoom h6 a good audio interface – none:, and then mix in as much or as little of the environment as you wish, по этой ссылке was captured with the bidirectional side mic.


Remember Me? The No. Today’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Better sound quality as Zoom H6. Hello everybody. I have bought mine on march of this year, later sold it because of getting another gear and needed the money.

Have thought about the Usbpre2, and found a comparsion on Souncloud, where is the Babyface, what already have for me, preamps a fat, round, colored and low detail for guitar. But found outstanding sensitivity and clarity on the Motu Track Issue here, is that forgeting the Zoom H6 should loose stand-alone handy recorder, so would sacrifice this, and instead use a laptop to get a better sound quality, more detailed and sensitive preamps and converter.

So the question is, exist something like this? Is the Motu track 16 a good option? Thanks in advance. Couple with a pair of very good mics Schoeps, Neumann, Dpa, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and you should make very good professional recordings. I also have a Zoom H6 for archiving my live solo piano recitals when I don’t want to deal with too many boxes and cables and I must say I’m very impressed with it: not as high quality as SD but it can record 6 inputs and for sure is good.

Preamps on the Zoom are a bit noisy if cranked up, but are transparent and perfectly usable for classical music. I must recommend it. Another possibility is to run standalone preamps for example SD Usb Pre 2 into the zoom line inputs is not possible to bypass zoom preamps but if you set the gain to zero they should not interfere with your signal.

But I can’t say if it’s worth the hassle Thanks a lot for your reply, it helps a lot. I was a little surprised about this comparison: Portable Audio Interface Comparison The Babyface, as was my experience gives the more rounder sound. I got surprised about the Motu track 16 sensitivity. Seems have more highs than the Usbpre. Both sound good, SD sounds natural but less detailed, and Motu track 16 more highs a a lo of detail, specially on the vocal, can hear clearly the breath on silence passages.

Does worth? Or maybe the Usbpre2 is a very good replacement for my Babyface, regarding DA, aswell as very near of studio setup? Still lot of doubts. Puffer Fish. My Studio. The preamps on the Sound Devices gear can be transformer balanced or electronically balancedso there are choices for different sorts of sounds if that matters to you. Typically the preamps are all very clean on these boxes. These are high-end devices though, and may be more than what you are actually seeking.

Good luck! Thanks for the feedback. Bringing down the gain on the Zoom to get rid of the noise and cranking it on the DAV somehow noise free preamps works well. On both points: No And no. All the handheld products from Zoom are neither used in video productions except as a lowest of low budget choice, and even then it isn’t the best choice nor is it very good quality. Sound Devices makes good recorders for video work and are considered the cheaper options. Nagra, Zaxcom, Sonosax and Aaton the more expensive brands.

All offer very high quality but not taylored to a sound. Just clean and low noise. If i had to go for a good bang for buck recorder i would try the new Sound Devices and the Tascam 8 track recorder. For the TS, why not slap the mytek and the BG in a mobile rack?

This is a very old thread. I now have also a portable Millennia that can attach with the Mytek, but for may purposes quick recording myself I bought a Rode Stereomic Pro that works quite decent comparing to a smartphone for quick recordings with a panasonic camera. I was tempted aswell for the Sony Hdr-mv1.

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Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. A pair of mics, four phantom-powerable XLR connectors with the ability to add two more via an accessory replacement of the mic pairmixer, battery-operated I have been using it mostly for recording my live sitar performances in front of an indoor cafe at a local cancer hospital, Sunday traditional choir Is zoom h6 a good audio interface – none: at my church, and miscellaneous outdoor live settings.

It’s very convenient and sounds fabulous. I use NiMH rechargeable batteries. I ran it flat out one time and it was able to record for about 15 hours on one charge. The funny thing is the battery segments drop to one after only a адрес hours, so that’s not much use as an indicator of remaining time.

It has a menu setting that lets you specify the type of battery, rechargeable vs. But that doesn’t make this indication of remaining battery any more accurate! Another thing I’ve noticed is the timebase is a little off for some reason. I have had multiple Sony handheld stereo recorders over the years, as well as a KORG D multi-track recorder, all of which I have been able to sync together over long periods of time I do video is zoom h6 a good audio interface – none: with absolutely is zoom h6 a good audio interface – none: drift between them.

I just thought this was something they had handled in the digital world, with crystal-controllable clocks of extreme precision. But when I take a two hour recording from this device and put it up against my other recording devices, there will be a very как сообщается здесь drift between them 10 – 20 millseconds by the end of two hours.

This is a VERY subtle and tiny difference that most people wouldn’t even care about or notice, but it IS noticeable if you are doing sync work with video. It shows up as sounds being in different places when you load the waveforms into a computer and blow them up. This is the amount of time that short reverberations off of nearby hard surfaces take. So if you are recording things in a reverberant space, like a church, this drift can interfere читать больше the natural sound of your смотрите подробнее. It means you have to cut it into a few pieces and make micro-adjustments to the timing every 30 minutes or so to keep it under control.

Or you have to set it going for a few hours at the same time as your other recorder, figure out the percentage difference, and apply that amount of timing correction in your audio software every single time. It’s not the end of the world, but it IS an added pain when I have gotten used to NOT having to do that for the past 20 years working with digital recordings. Also, it seems to me when doing critical listening that this recorder may not produce as crystal-clear, clean recordings at volume extremes as other devices I own or have used, especially when recording loud, impulse-y things like church choirs with sopranos.

I’m not talking about clipping either. Even well below clipping level, I swear I can hear something happen that is hard to characterize when a loud peak is reached by female singers.

It’s one of those things that drives you nuts as you listen to side-by-side recordings from different recorders and you try to figure out if you are really hearing something or not. It doesn’t really sound like brick-walling either. We should be well within the capabilities of the mics and pres at the levels and distances from the subjects that I am забавная dont connect to audio zoom – dont connect to audio zoom: поспорить. So, all-in-all it’s a great recorder for most things, especially if you aren’t using it to sync to something else or for super-loud, impulsive subjects, but I give it 4 stars for these admittedly highly subjective observations.

I haven’t checked this sound issue with my own mics yet R0de NT-5’s which I know can handle jet engines and things like that. Your mileage may vary. A couple more quick positive notes to finish And the memory capacity is great, too.

I put a 16 GB memory card in it and that gives me over 15 stereo hours, almost 8 at four channels, and over 5 at six channels. And you can put MUCH bigger memory cards in it! This recorder has a great quality feel, getting the files off the device is simple and easy. When the recordings are produced without error, they are of high quality. This unit is far below my expectations. I will not purchase from Zoom again and suggest your consider other companies to fulfill your audio requirements.

I have contacted support and they have notified me that they will replace my defective unit. They made me pay for the shipping back to their facility. I have yet to hear back from them post shipping. I am using battery power exclusively because I have reason to believe that a power surge or faulty cord caused the defect and subsequent failure. Smartphones, laptops etc within less than a foot or touching a person who is holding a microphone produces unusable is zoom h6 a good audio interface – none:.

Neuther unit worked as an audio interface functionally at all. The only way to get usable recordings is away from any sort of electrical interference. I think the unit should be marketed differently and these known limitations should be more available to those considering to purchase. I purchased the Is zoom h6 a good audio interface – none: H6 after starting out with the also-fine H4nPro.

I needed additional XLR ports without resorting to cable and adapter workarounds. I will be using it primarily to record interviews and podcasts with each participant on avg on their own dedicated XLR dynamic mic.

The H6 is the “Papa Bear” посмотреть еще Zoom’s line is zoom h6 a good audio interface – none: field recorders. Leader of the pack. It is truly a studio in the palm of your hand. It is a very intuitive device to figure out whether you’re a hobbyist like me, or an advanced audio pro. I was able to get everything strung up and produce some high-quality recordings very quickly.

Re ergonomics, the shape and build of the H6 make it easy to use when it is lying flat on a work surface.