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Love the goofy video filters on Snapchat that let you grow a unicorn horn, turn into a groovy hippie or have stars twinkling around your head? Good news! We all are. Which is why Zoom keeps pushing into new areas to add a bit more fun to the video conferencing process.

The latest addition is going to drive teachers bonkers but is great fun: Zoom Video Filters. You can tell if you have it by clicking on the up arrow adjacent to the video button:. I have a lot of virtual backgrounds, as you can see:. You can also click on that to get to the new filter options. The Zoom Virtual Filters are presented almost identically to the virtual backgrounds, as a palette of small rectangular buttons:.

Snapchat fans will recognize the styles of filters here, but, roughly, the first row are color shift filters, the second row are frames, and everything else are overlays that will track your face as you talk and move around. Angelic, really! You can do that with one of the video filters too. Arrrr, so there ya have it, me hearties! Now go have some fun with this all! Pro Tip: I have quite a few tutorials on how to use Zoom for serious and more entertaining meetings.

Please check out my Zoom help area to find them and learn just how much this powerful tool offers. Sorry, seems a bit random on their part, but… so it goes. Seems like Zoom just is rolling out this feature for some users, but not others. Hi Peter! When I go to video filters in Zoom is says none. I upgraded to the latest version. When I google the problems, all I get is what is shown above. I know where to find them, they are just not there. Please help. Most curious. Just checked and we have the same version.

What Mac are you on, Davy? Hi umm when I go to video filters it say none and there is no other filters it just says none. I have a HP laptop i thing it is the 8th version. Not all hardware can support these video processing features. Your email address will not be published. March 1, at pm. Dave Taylor says:. March 2, at am.

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