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You can even take things up a notch by wearing a Hawaiian shirt and drinking the water from a coconut during your Zoom meeting or hangout.


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Image 1. Your email has been sent. Longing for a time when you can take a break from work, go out into the world, and explore the natural beauty around you? Feel free to set your Zoom background to the magnificent Cape Leveque to jump-start your vacation planning. This rustic destination restaurant on the edge of Dampier Peninsula is littered with flamboyant red rocks and sparkling beaches that welcome all kinds of aquatic activities.

Denali boasts of the tallest peak in North America—Mount McKinley—and its landscape is blooming with glaciers, tundra, spruce forests, and wildlife like Dali sheep, wolves, caribou, moose, and grizzly bears. It makes for a great destination for backpacking, mountaineering, hiking, skiing, biking, white water rafting, and an awesome Zoom background for any lover of the outdoors.

So why not make it your Zoom background and let everyone look at their screens longingly and marvel at the wonders of nature. Everything about it just screams perfection from the palm trees to the grass, the colorful flowers, the sparkling lake, and the pink flamingos going about their merry lives. This natural beauty nestled between Napa Wine Country and Sonoma is home to more than 5, plants and trees spanning different species. If you want to add a touch of beauty and nature to your Zoom meetings, this background is the way to go.

In the southern part of Nevada and southeastern California, and spreading through small portions of southwestern Utah and northwestern Arizona lies the peculiar pocket of nature known as the Mojave Desert.

The Mojave Desert also houses the magnificent Valley of Fire State Park along with several museums and towns making it the perfect destination for nature-loving tourists. This nature Zoom background was captured at Muir Woods, a federally protected national monument named after the father of the national parks system, John Muir. Muir Woods is a stunning redwood forest in California featuring old growth redwood trees, freshwater creeks, beautiful hiking trails, groves, and scenery unlike any other.

Thrill your fellow Zoom callers with this gorgeous backdrop of the Yosemite National Park. Although this enclave is popular for its shimmering waterfalls, it has everything you can want in nature including regal meadows, vast valleys, boundless wilderness, and giant sequoias that have been around since the days of yore.

Yosemite is also teeming with wildlife, dramatic cliffs, and more beauty than your eyes can feast on. This striking background is for anyone who feels like their best self when they are around bodies of water.

Sun-kissed hills, the sparkling ocean, grasses bleached by weather, and sea lions stretching out their bodies.

How much more charming can this Zoom backdrop get? In addition to its exciting landscapes, you will find even more rare wildlife such as albatross and yellow-eyed penguins in Dunedin.

Whether you love botany, hiking, camping, bird watching, swimming in the lagoon, looking for fur seals and dolphins, or counting the stars in the sky, Castlepoint has something for everyone. As stunning as this background is, it does not do justice to Milford Sound, one of the most magical spots in the world.

Located in Fiordland, New Zealand, Milford Sound effortlessly blends grand waterfalls with majestic mountains and waters the color of midnight to create a natural beauty that forces you to catch your breath.

Get on your Zoom call and introduce everyone to Nugget Point Lighthouse, which you will be diligently watching over for the duration of the meeting. This pocket of nature is welcoming to everyone from adventurers to athletes and regular travelers and is beloved for its pine-scented, relaxed atmosphere. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States and it offers lots of scenic activities above and below the surface to keep you busy and entertained. This natural volcanic terrain and snow-topped backdrop for Zoom is brought to you by Whakapapa on Mt Ruapehu in Tongariro National Park.

It boasts of spectacular views that are bound to leave you spellbound every time you catch a glimpse of yourself on your Zoom call. Changing your Zoom backdrop is a cool and fun way to make your Zoom meetings and hangouts more interesting and even help you better engage your audience.

You can simply download any of these amazing ready-to-use backgrounds and swap out your old, boring background. Scott L. Macarthur is a marketing consultant and an online author. He is mostly engaged in providing his expertise to startups and SMBs. He is also an author on TheNextWeb. We are reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Contents show. Best Nature Zoom Backgrounds 1. Bask in the warmth of summer.

Move into a fancy lakehouse.