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To request a Webinar please go to the IT Support Ticketing System and complete a request online for meeting support with the date and time needed. We will get back to you with availability confirmation. Quick Search. Hit enter to search. Technology Support Center.

A t tachments 0 Page History People who can view. How to schedule a zoom webinar meeting – how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting: links.

Skip to end of metadata. Created by Tammy Voigtlast modified on Mar 30, Sign in to the Zoom web portal. Click Основываясь на этих данных. You will be able to see how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting – how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting: list of scheduled webinars here.

Select Schedule A Webinar. Choose the desired webinar settings. Description : Enter an optional webinar description– this will be displayed on your registration page. Use a Template : If you have created webinar templatesyou can choose one of them to apply to this new webinar. When : Select a date and time for your webinar. Duration : Choose the approximate duration of the webinar. Note that this is only for scheduling purposes.

The webinar will not end after this length of time. Time Zone: By default, Zoom will use the time zone that you sent in your Profile. Click on the drop down to select a different time how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting – how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting:.

Recurring webinar: Check if you would like a recurring webinar i. This will open up additional recurrence options. It can recur up to 50 times. If you need more than 50 recurrences, use the No Fixed Time option. It is not possible to schedule a registration webinar with No Fixed Time. The scheudle recurrence options will depend on how often the meeting recurs.

You can configure the meeting to end after a set amount of occurrences or have the recurring meeting end on a specific date. Registration : Check this to require registration or leave unchecked to meeeting: require users to register If registration is required and the webinar is reoccurring, specify one of the following options: Attendees register once and по ссылке attend any of the occurrences : Registrants can attend all of the occurrences.

All dates and times of the webinar will be listed and the registrant will be registered for all occurrences. Attendees need to register for each occurrence to attend : Registrants need to register separately for each occurrence to attend. Hiw can only choose one date and time on the schedkle page. Attendees register once and can choose one or more occurrences to attend : Registrants register once and can choose one or more occurrences to attend.

They will need to select which dates and times they would like to attend and they will only be registered for those occurrences. They can choose multiple options. Host Video : Choose if you would like the host video on or off when joining the webinar. Even if you choose off, the host will have the option to start their video.

Panelist Video : Choose if детальнее на этой странице would like the participants’ videos on or off when joining the webinar.

If you choose off, panelists will not be able to turn their video on unless scheduld change this setting in the webinar. Audio Options: choose whether to allow users to call in via Telephone only, Computer Audio only, Telephone and Computer Audio bothor 3rd Party Audio if enabled for your account.

Require Webinar Password: You can select and input your webinar password here. Joining participants will be required to input this before перейти your webinar if joining the webinar manually. It will be included in the registration confirmation email and if achedule join by clicking the link in this email, they will not need to enter the password. Learn more.

Enable Practice Session : Check this to start the webinar in practice session instead of a live broadcast. Only signed-in users meetihg join this webinar : Check this option if you want users to be required to be scnedule to a Zoom account before joining your webinar. Make the webinar on-demand : This will automatically record the webinar in the cloud and share a link with all registrants.

Record the webinar automatically : Check this option to record the webinar automatically. Choose if you want to record it locally requires the host to join via a desktop computer or the Zoom cloud. Advanced Options : Click the arrow to view additional webinar options. Schedule For : If you have scheduling privilege for another user, you will be able to choose who you want to schedule for from the drop down. They will also need to be a Licensed user and have a webinar license.

Learn more about Scheduling Privilege. Alternative Hosts : Enter the email address of another Zoom user who is Licensed, on your account to allow them to start the meeting in your absence. Read more about Alternative Host.

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A few of the advantages of Zoom Webinars include:. Note: The ability to schedule Webinars requires uow special license that is separate from your Tufts Zoom Meetings license. See below for more information.

Zoom Webinar licenses are available on a temporary basis to staff and faculty of Tufts University. To speak with someone about obtaining a temporary license, please email it tufts. Depending on your needs and if it is your first time using the Webinar platform, you may be asked to complete one or two separate consultations with a member of Tufts Technology Services.

Once the event is scheduled, additional options are available on the webinar details page. Note: To manage the options described below, the webinar must already be scheduled. Email Settings Yo All automated emails from the Zoom Webinar platform will be sent from the “no-reply zoom. The Practice Session allows the scheduler, alternative hosts, and panelists to enter the webinar and practice or get set up before opening the webonar to attendees.

The Practice Session can be launched at any point before the webinar and can be used multiple times. Once you are ready, the actual webinar can be opened to the rest of the attendees right from the Practice Session. Available options will depend on your role in the meeting and how the meeting is configured. For more information, visit this page about webinar roles in the Medting Help Center. During an event, the Zoom webinar window will look similar to what is pictured below for attendees.

By default, attendees cannot start their video or unmute webina audio. Нажмите чтобы прочитать больше a Zoom Webinar License. Consultation 1 zook 30 min Discuss Zoom Meeting versus Webinar platforms and determine if a Webinar is actually required. If it is determined that a Webinar license will be granted, discuss Webinar scheduling. Scheduling a Zoom Webinar. Log in to tufts. Select Webinars in the left-hand menu. Click Schedule a Webinar toward the top right corner of the window.

Fill out the scheduling form. Topic — Give the webinar a short, descriptive name. Description Optional — Provide more detail about the webinar. When — Set webinar date and start time. Duration — Estimate the duration of your event.

Recurring webinar — Not generally recommended, but can ozom used to set echedule a daily, weekly, or monthly webinar. Registration — Use this to set up a registration form scheduld your schedile which attendees how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting – how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting: fill out in advance. Webinar Passcode — Allows you to set up a passcode for you event. Attendees joining using the Webinar ID number rather than a link will need the passcode to join.

This will allow Panelists to turn on their video at the beginning of the event. Audio — This section is locked. Attendees will be able to connect to audio on their computer or over the phone. Webinar Options — See below. Allows attendees to submit questions, which can be answered by Hosts, Co-hosts, and Panelists.

Enable Practice Session — Strongly recommended. In practice mode, you can play around with settings and features. Attendees are not able to join while you are in practice mode. Require authentication to join — Restricts access to the webinar to current members of Tufts University students, faculty, and staff. Make the webinar on-demand — Not recommended.

If turned on, the webinar will be automatically recorded AND made immediately available to attendees after the event. Instead, it is recommended that you manually share the recording after the event, when you know there is nothing wrong with it. Automatically record webinar — Automatically records the how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting – how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting: zoom app download play store to your local device or the Tufts Zoom cloud storage space.

Cloud is recommended. Alternative Hosts — Invite other Tufts Zoom ewbinar to be alternative hosts for your event. Click Schedule at the bottom of the form. Advanced Webinar Options. Click on schedulle name of your webinar. A webinar details page will schesule. Scroll to the bottom of the page. A series of tabs will be available. Some of the options available under these tabs are described below. Webinaf Invite Panelists — Recommended as the last step, when everything else is in place.

Zoom will send each meeeting an email invitation. You can also webiar tracking links that allow you to figure out what is driving traffic to your event e.

Registration Settings — Manage registration options and questions. Manage Attendees — View and manage attendee registration statuses. Email Contact — Change the email contact that is listed in webinar emails.

By default, the scheduler of the meeting is listed as the email contact. Invitation Email to Panelists — Determine whether an invitation email is sent to panelists. Confirmation Расписано how to adjust laptop screen size on tv windows 10 абсолютно to Registrants — Manage email that is sent to registrants upon confirmation.

Reminder email to Attendees and Panelists — Manage frequency now reminder emails to attendees and panelists. Branding Title — Edit the title that appears at the top of webinar registration page.

Banner — Manage image that is displayed at the top of the invitation page. Logo — Manage the image that is displayed on the right side zoom not working on windows the invitation page, registration tp, and email invitation.

Speakers — Create speaker profiles for each of your panelists. These profiles will appear at the bottom of the registration form. Theme — Adjust theme colors for the meeting codes to join now none: page. This URL will open in the Zoom launch page 5 min after they join the webinar.

Polls Manage in-webinar polls. Meetnig Manage a post-webinar survey. The survey will automatically appear for participants when the webinar is ended. Surveys can be built right in Zoom schedulle included from a 3rd party service. More Live Streaming как сообщается здесь Manage live streaming of webinar. The Webinar Practice Session. Using the Practice Session Schedul in to tufts. Click Start Practice Session. Alternative hosts and panelists will be able to get into the Practice Session, but attendees cannot.

While meering: practice mode, you can adjust webinar settings, practice sharing content, etc. When you are done practicing, you can do one of the following: Click End to end the Practice Session. Click Start Webinar to begin the actual event.

Attendees will now be able to enter the webinar. Webinar Window – Hosts, Co-hosts, and Panelists. Use the Attendees tab of the Participant panel to manage individual participants, including giving individual attendees the ability to unmute their microphone.

Use the Chat how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting – how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting: to приведу ссылку messages to participants. They can also decide whether participants have the ability to send chats.

Enable live transcripts. Manage recordings. Launch and manage Polls. Webinar Schevule – Attendees. Use the Practice Session, to do a dry run of your event with your Co-hosts and panelists, if приведу ссылку. The day of the webinar, use the Practice session to get set up before you let attendees in. If you want the webinar to be recorded, consider setting it up to record how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting – how to schedule a zoom webinar meeting:.

It is generally recommended that webinae record to the cloud rather than to your local device. If possible, invite one or more people with knowledge of Zoom as Alternative Hosts and give them specific roles in your webinar e. Depending on the event, you may want to set up Speaker profiles for your Panelists!

It is also recommended that you allow attendees to view answered questions only.


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Aug 05,  · Login with your Zoom account and go to the My Webinar tab. Click the schedule webinar at the top of the page to display the schedule webinar page. Enter a title for the webinar and enter information as required. Select the date, time, duration, and time zone of the first webinar. [ Regular webinars to enable the option. Sep 16,  · AM. From your admin panel, click edit next to the Zoom account you want to turn on Webinar for. Next, click the checkbox next to the word webinar. Click Save. This will turn the webinar feature for the account. Note: You must have bought the webinar license with your pro license. Dec 13,  · Learn how to schedule a Zoom meeting from the Web Portal or Desktop Client, and understand your Meeting options and settings. ️ Introduction – ️ Basic.