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Once Registration is saved, you can save it as a template for future webinars. Use Template Preview. The host can allow 1 at a time or allow everyone in at once. Your custom Zoom Webinar Registration Form will make it easier to manage participants, so you can focus on hosting a great webinar. No coding required.


How to create a webinar registration page zoom – none:


Zoom, nowadays, the premier choice for arranging webinars, is gradually gaining more and more ground in the industry against most of its competitors due to its efficiency and technological advancement.

However, although it has a high technological advancement, it can’t alone arrange how to create a webinar registration page zoom – none: manage a whole webinar.

For instance, it doesn’t allow you to create a registration form, doesn’t provide enough attendee or registrants analytics, doesn’t offer a whole lot of automation, and so on. But, with the help of WPForms and Zapierit is possible to bridge everything and reach the peak of convenience and automation with your WordPress site. So, today, in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a webinar registration form for zoom and automate the webinar registration process with Zapier in WordPress.

First of all, you need to get, install, and then activate the WPForms plugin. See here how to get, install and /28224.txt it. Upon successful installation and activation, first head over to your WordPress dashboard. From there, navigate to WPForms » Addons.

Then on the next page, scroll down and find the Form Templates Pack Addon. And then hit Install Addon. After installing the template pack addon, once more, scroll down on that page and find Zapier Addon.

Install it. Once again, scroll down and search for ‘Webinar’ under the ‘Additional templates’ portion. You’ll then see Webinar Registration Form. Click on it. Then, you’ll be on the form builder page. There you can customize the form based on your preferences and needs. You can customize different settings of your registration form. To customize, navigate to the hard left and click on Settings.

You’ll now see three basic options. GeneralNotificationsConfirmations. Once the customizations are complete, hit the Save button on the top right side. Let’s say you have a landing page or you want to create one. But whatever you go for, you need to embed the registration form on that page. To do that. Once you click on Add Newit will open up the Page Editor. Here first, enter the page title. For me, I’ve put Registration. It will then open up all the blocks. Above the blocks, there is a search bar.

Type in WPForms there. And you’ll see a WPForms block below. Now, a WPForms dropdown will appear in the text area. Select the registration form from the how to create a webinar registration page zoom – none: menu that you want to embed.

Now, head back to the dashboard and посмотреть еще a new page by clicking on Pages » Add New.

Next, give the page a title and paste the copied shortcode in the main text area. You’ve successfully embedded the form and published it.

Now click on View Page to see the form on the page. Now, fill out the form and submit it. And it is required because on an upcoming step, Zapier will check at least one sample entry.

As soon as you have one, create a webinar with random specifics. Just don’t worry about it. It’s for a test purpose as it’s your first time. Isn’t it? Zapier allows you to connect one service or app with another. And this is what makes things more simple and easier. For instance – Zapier helps you build a system where you perform an action in one app, and it triggers another action in another entirely different app.

The free version of it allows you to run How to create a webinar registration page zoom – none: tasks. But if you need more, for instance, more than people will register on your webinar, then for sure, you’ll need to upgrade. Once you have a Zapier account, log into its dashboard. On the next page, under App Eventyou’ll get to add apps that will trigger a Zap. So, we will add WPForms. And each registration entry, therefore, will trigger a Zap.

Then Continue. Now switch back to your WordPress dashboard. Then head over to WPForms » Settings. And from the tabs, select Integrations.

On the integrations tab, click on Zapier. It will then uncover the How to create a webinar registration page zoom – none: Key. Copy it. Head back now to the Zapier windowwhere it asked to sign in. Click Sign in to WPForms. Clicking on it will open up a new window. Now, paste the API key that you have copied and then enter your website link. Finally – Yes, Continue. Your WPForms account is now successfully connected with Zapier. Click continue.

Now, under Set up the triggerwe need to show Zapier exactly which form we want to use for the Zoom Webinar. So, from the dropdown menu, select the webinar registration form that we’ve built earlier. Everything has worked. Zapier has successfully detected our test entry. Congrats to us. We have finally made a successful connection. If we connect Zoom with Zapier now, each entry on the registration form will automatically create a webinar registrant. Search for Zoom this time and click on the Zoom icon once you see it.

Next, under the action event, select Create Webinar Registrant and Continue. While signing in, you may encounter this. In this step, you can see all the fields available in Zoom for each participant or registrant. You can also see all the custom fields or questions that you have created on the registration form. After matching all the fields, click continue. And it will bring you the Test Portion.

Here, we will send the test entry to Zoom via Zapier. Click Test and Continue. Three cheers! We have successfully created a custom registration form and automated the whole webinar registration process with Zapier. Btw, one sec. If nah, then check it out here. Now, I think this extensive guide on how to create a webinar registration page zoom – none: to Create a Webinar Registration Form with WordPress’ will help you accelerate the most crucial part of a webinar and allow you to focus more on other segments.

By the way, if you have any doubt, confusion, suggestion, or any query, just throw it up in the comment box. Editorial Staff is an in-house team решил zoom call engagement activities – none: тебя native WordPress developer and industry columnists lead by Anwer Ashif. Join the community of 2,77, users. Your email address нажмите чтобы увидеть больше not be published. Then type in a name for your registration form. On the right, hover over each of the fields to get different options.

If you hover and click on any of the fields, then on the left, you’ll see options to customize that field. You can drag the fields to reorder. To insert a new field, first, find the type of field that you need from the left.

Then click on it, and it will get inserted.