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How to Find and Download Zoom Recordings: Local, Cloud, and Shared.Zoom Cloud Recordings | Office of Information Technology

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Have a light source in front of you and not behind. Make eye contact with the webcam and avoid looking too much at the screen. Remove distractions from your background – you want the audience to focus on you and not your background.

Use a USB microphone if possible for better sound quality. You can read more tips in this short article: 7 tips on how to make your webcam videos look good. Set up your slides and webcam. If you want to share your slides, press Share Screen. Select the screen you want to share, then click Share. If slides are in presentation mode, make sure you are recording that screen. You will see a green frame around the screen you are recording. Move your webcam to the top or bottom right hand corner.

When ready, click the Record icon. It is strongly recommended that you select record to your computer as you will be able to access your recordings immediately post-recording. You can pause or stop your recording at any time. Go to the recordings tab on the left. Under the cloud recordings tab at the top you will have a list of the recordings you have made to the cloud, click on the topic of the meeting to see the recording file.

Depending on the option you chose above, the recording will either be saved by default on your local machine or will be available in your Panopto My Folder. The recording is automatically shared with all meeting participants that have an Imperial College account.

Please see the Panopto support pages for more information for more information on sharing recordings. Live Captions are available for Zoom meetings. To activate them, follow the instructions below:. Panopto will automatically generate ASR captioning for all recordings that are saved to the cloud.

As there is limited storage on your local computer, ICT recommend removing recordings you no longer require. Local recordings will need to be deleted from your computer manually, guidance on deleting recordings can be found on the Zoom web pages. After making a recording in Zoom your recording will automatically upload to a Panopto folder called Meeting Recordings, this is a subfolder of My Folder. All participants who joined the Zoom meeting will automatically be given viewer access to the recording if their Zoom account is also integrated with Panopto.

See Adding a Zoom Link for instructions on sharing Zoom recordings. Note: Students do not have access to record to the cloud. However, they can record Zoom meetings using the directions for Recording to a Computer. If a meeting has already been recorded to the cloud, by default it will be set with a passcode. Sharing the recording through Zoom as an external learning tool will allow students in a course to view all recordings, so the passcode does not need to be disabled unless it is preferred.

When a Zoom meeting is saved locally to a computer, it will save in. To share a recording that has been saved locally, the file will need to be uploaded to a course. If you click Share , you’ll get a link for viewing the recording online. You can set the recording to private-to-VT or public to those who have the link. You can allow viewers to download the recording. You can password protect the recording. To view a recording on your computer: Navigate to your computer’s Documents folder.



How to find a recorded zoom meeting.How To Find Recorded Zoom Meetings On Phone?

Go to the recordings tab on the left. Under the cloud recordings tab at the top you will have a list of the recordings you have made to the cloud, click on the. Meeting Organizers · Go to Online Meetings. Select the Online Meetings tool from the Tool Menu of your site. · Select the Cloud Recordings tab. If you have a non-Imperial licenced Zoom account (e.g. guest lecturer access) your recording will be saved to Panopto> Browse > Zoom Recordings Folder. You will.