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You can check out our documentation on scheduling meetings for more information on the general meeting scheduling process, as well as the complete list of meeting settings. It is possible to schedule recurring meetings in Zoom and later add these meetings to either your Google Calendar or your Outlook desktop.

The instructions below provide detailed instructions and screenshots. For this reason, we advise you to choose Google Calendar or Outlook as the way to schedule a recurring meeting in your Zoom desktop client.

This way, the recurring meeting is automatically added to your Zoom desktop client. The Zoom desktop client opens a browser window when you choose to add a recurring meeting to your calendar in order to add it to the Google Calendar if you chose Google Calendar when creating a recurring meeting in Zoom. If you choose to use Outlook in the Zoom desktop client when creating a recurring meeting, you will see the Outlook desktop application on your computer. Note: It is mandatory that Outlook desktop application is installed on your computer in order to use this feature.

Try out the Zoom Scheduler add-in for Outlook if you wish to set up a Zoom meeting recurring in Outlook. With Zoom desktop client, you can view the list of all your recurring meetings in a convenient manner. Firstly, you will need the Outlook desktop application installed on your computer in order to be able to use this feature. Click the button to Get it now Figure F. Sign in with the account you use for Outlook on the web.

Continue from there, and the Outlook web app will open. When done, close the Zoom windows in Outlook. To set up a Zoom meeting in the Outlook desktop client, click the icon for New Items and select Meetings. At the Meeting invitation, click the toolbar icon for Add a Zoom Meeting. Sign in with your Zoom account. Notice that the email is automatically populated with the link, ID, password, and other details for your meeting.

Fill out the remaining details and then send the invitation Figure H. To set up your meeting in the Outlook web app, click the Calendar icon at the bottom of the left pane. Click the button for New Event. At the invitation window, click the link for More options. Then at the full invitation window, click the Zoom icon at the top and select Add a Zoom Meeting.

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Figure E You can then close the Office Admin portal.


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You can find more information about meeting options here. This will NOT send an automated e-mail invitation. Open the Zoom Desktop app and click the Schedule button:. Fill in the information:.

Be sure that Outlook is selected as the calendar. To make this a recurring meeting, select Repeat , and choose how often. Select Save or Send. Select Automatic replies. Select Turn on automatic replies. Type your reply. Select Save. Need more help? Expand your skills.

Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Those could be either one on one, of group meetings. Would be happy to get some shortcuts on how to get going with the scheduling of those recurrences. Help is appreciated upfront. My first recommendation would be to setup a dedicated calendar for your project, so that you can have all meetings related to the project organized in a single place. The process for MAC users is a bit different and resembles the one used in older Office versions:.

You could potentially create a meeting or events series, by duplicating a previous series and adjusting the meeting subjects, participants and location. You must be logged in to post a comment. Thanks for your question and good luck in your new job. Then click OK to reopen your web browser. Click Send once you have finalized your meeting options.

The Google Calendar app must be used to register. You will be taken to an Event screen after tapping the plus sign.

To use a Zoom Meeting, select Add video conferencing. With Google Calendar, an invitation to a Zoom Meeting will automatically show up on the meeting schedule. In addition to allowing you to sync Zoom calendar events and contacts with Outlook, Zoom has other functionality to set Outlook statuses according to your current ZOOM status in Outlook. By clicking on the Zoom setup icon, you will be able to change your Zoom status as well as your Zoom photo. To disable your items, select Disabled. The Zoom Outlook plug-in will open the window.

Make sure Enable is selected. Sign in using a desktop or webpage version of Zoom. The Schedule icon click on the calendar icon to open the schedule should appear.


Scheduling a Zoom Meeting Tutorial | Zoom Documentation.

With Google Calendar, an invitation to a Zoom Meeting will automatically show up on the meeting schedule. If you click on the meeting, you will be able to add it to your Outlook calendar. Select Save. Click the New Event button on an existing calendar event in Outlook. Without a reminder on my calendar though I know it will get forgotten or get pushed off until Fridays детальнее на этой странице week. How to create a recurring zoom meeting in outlook have updated the single appointments and re-sent to the team but these changes don’t show in the appointments in rrcurring calendar. Get new features first.