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If you cannot see the image above, please click here. You might just need to refresh it. Contact Support. Search Loading. Last Published Date:. Access Level:. You can enable group framing and speaker tracking in the Polycom Companion application.

After opening the app, choose your connected device. Here you can enable Group Framing or Speaker Framing, and select the tracking speed and width. When tracking is turned off , the camera will show its full degree field of view, and you can then manually adjust the camera view or select a preset view.

When [tracking is] turned on , the camera will automatically zoom in on groups or the active speaker, depending on which ones are selected in the Polycom Companion application. If neither group framing or speaker tracking are selected , the camera is only under manual control, even if you press the tracking button on the remote. If only Group Framing is selected , Polycom Studio will determine where everyone in the room is sitting, and frame just those participants in the camera view.

If speaker tracking is selected , Polycom Studio will sense who is talking and show a close up view of that person. When no one is talking , the camera will go back to the group view.

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How To Use Polycom Camera With Zoom? – Digi Effects.


With a single device on the table, Trio serves as the Zoom Rooms controller, speaker, and microphone. It combines the exceptional audio and video quality you expect from Poly with the simplicity you need for everyday use. Poly Studio provides automatic group framing, intelligently focuses on participants, and for the first time ever in a USB адрес, speaker tracking automatically finds and zooms in on the active speaker.

Poly products must have been purchased as new from Poly, a Poly affiliated company or a Poly authorized reseller. This Limited Warranty covers any defects in the materials used in the Poly product, and any defects in the workmanship during the manufacture of the Poly products.

The term of the Limited Warranty begins from the date of purchase by the original end user customer. The dated sales receipt showing the date of purchase is the proof of purchase.

We strongly advise you to keep your receipt of purchase in order to prove the date of purchase of the product. The period of coverage varies by product and is generally 1, 2 or 3 years; consult your original Poly product packaging or user information provided by Poly at the time of purchase for the warranty term specific to your product or online at www.

Poly’s obligation under this Limited Warranty to repair or replace products that manifest a defect in materials or workmanship ceases upon the expiration of the Warranty Period. /14121.txt are responsible for shipping charges, insurance, and other transportation-related expenses incurred when returning products to Poly. If you return out-of-warranty products or products not covered under the Limited Warranty, you will be responsible for all return-shipping and other transportation-related expenses.

Before submitting a warranty claim for a Poly product, please visit www. You may obtain warranty support for valid warranty claims through your point of purchase during the first thirty 30 how to use polycom camera with zoom after purchase. This warranty support may not always be available where you purchased the Poly product and, where it is available, the period may vary depending on where you purchased the Poly product.

Please contact your point of purchase for more details. Poly offers an online system for service requests. Please register your product at www. To determine the start of the warranty period you may be asked to provide how to use polycom camera with zoom dated sales receipt showing the date you purchased the Poly product.

Warranty claims Только zoom cloud meeting app free download for pc windows 10 – none: специалист cannot be processed through how to use polycom camera with zoom point of purchase and any other Poly product related questions should be addressed directly to Poly.

You can find our knowledge base articles, ask a question, receive service over the Internet or speak directly to a representative via www. Any claim under this Limited Warranty is subject to you notifying Poly or your point of purchase of the alleged defect within a reasonable time of it having come to your attention and in any event no later than before the expiry of the Warranty Period.

However, the Warranty Period provided in the country where the product was purchased shall apply. The warranty terms including those stated hereservice availability, and service response times may vary based on the country or region.

Warranty service response times are always subject to change due to local conditions including, without limitation, availability of parts and materials and a Poly authorized service provider. Poly does not provide a warranty for software whether pre-loaded on hardware or provided as a standalone product under this Limited Warranty — how to use polycom camera with zoom refer to the applicable Poly end user license agreement or software license.

No warranty is made that any software provided by Poly will meet your requirements or will work in combination with any hardware or applications software how to use polycom camera with zoom provided by third parties, that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error free, or that defects in the software will be corrected.

For an end user customer with a Poly product that is within the applicable Warranty Period and has a defect that is covered by this Limited Warranty, Poly will repair or replace, at its option, the Poly product if you provide notice to Poly and return the product to Poly in the manner described in this Limited Warranty.

Poly may repair or replace products under this Limited Warranty: a with new or reconditioned products, parts, or components, or b with a similar Poly product if the eligible product under this Limited Warranty has been discontinued. When a Poly product is replaced, the replacement product becomes your property, and the returned product becomes the property of Poly. In the unlikely event that your Poly product has recurring failures or Poly is unable to repair or replace the Poly product, Poly will provide you with a replacement Poly product that is selected by Poly and is the same or similar in performance.

This is your exclusive remedy for a defective Poly product that is covered by this Limited Warranty. For United States residents, any disputes arising out of this Limited Warranty or otherwise relating to your purchase of the Poly product that is the subject of this Limited Warranty, whether based on contract, tort, fraud, or any other legal theory, shall be governed by the law of the state in which you currently reside, without regard to its conflict-of-law principles.

The benefits provided under this Limited Warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies provided under Australian and New Zealand Law. If you purchased your Product in New Zealand for the purposes of a business, you acknowledge and agree that the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act does not apply.

In Australia, Poly products come with how to use polycom camera with zoom that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.

You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have how to use polycom camera with zoom goods repaired or replaced if goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

What constitutes a major failure is set out in the Australian Consumer Law. Please refer to the information provided by Poly in the materials received at что how do you find meeting password on zoom – none: таких time of purchase. This warranty is provided by Plantronics, Inc. Additional Poly office locations and contacts can be found at www. Create an Account. Sign-in to Your Account. Access the Poly Lens Portal. Check Poly Cloud Status. Create A Case.

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Give Us Feedback. Side Arrow. To search for Zoom Video specific support info, click here. The original end user customer who purchased a Poly product. This Limited Warranty covers Poly products purchased in original Poly packaging.

What is the Period of Coverage? How to Obtain Warranty Service? What Law Governs This Warranty? Poly Trio Poly Studio.