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Control interfaces within page modules no longer become detached from their associated control when the hierarchy is copied using copy with dependents Blackboxing no longer prefixes an additional comma in the created component script segment subroutine call if the original module contains a mixture of connection ports and output parameters Adding, modifying, removing and then adding a new table parameter in the component parameter editor no longer causes an exception When creating a stacked polygraph with digital signal for a multiple trace curve, traces other than the first are now configured as digital Component graphics transparencies no longer get corrupted when you save a project while still inside the definition editor Memory management has been vastly improved.

PSCAD now consumes far less memory for loaded projects, and releases this memory when projects are unloaded Long line corrected values are displayed only if they are meaningful. The long line correction algorithm approximates the full solution, considering distributed effects to the equivalent p -circuit.

Sometimes it is possible to have non-physical i. Comment Directive! When the compiler encounters this type of comment line, the line is completely ignored i. This provides a workaround for the problem regarding substitutions of unused variables in commented script lines Definition Reference Checking : A new check was added to warn the user of breaking definition references on unload of a library project. Previously no warning was given when a library project was unloaded, and all dependent components would simply change to placards red boxes.

Now, a popup message will ensue:. Runtime Canvas Lock Option : An option has been added to the Workspace Options Runtime category to provide the ability to enable or disable the runtime schematic canvas lock The compiler will now check for symbol name duplication between component parameters and connection ports All simulation error messages will now appear automatically in the message table.

Previously, some messages would only appear following a manual refresh of the message table The behaviour of the component parameters pane is now consistent with the component parameter dialogs in terms of copy and paste actions On case project load, namespace verification is now case-insensitive.

On modifications to library project namespace are now case-sensitive. These changes resolve a problem regarding a failure of definition namespaces to synchronize with a modified namespace A sanity check has been added to limit the maximum number of parameter categories a definition can possess PSCAD will now properly navigate to a component definition schematic via the message table, if the corresponding component id is zero i. Text entered into the snapshot filename field in the ribbon is now validated at the time of entry Unused hotkeys display has been removed from some context menus ex.

Also, the menus were slightly modified for consistency throughout When pasting values into a parameter value field, the unit if it exists is no longer deleted on paste A confusing error message related to the top-level module not linked to its definition has been removed All columns in the message table are now auto-sized, and cannot be manually adjusted.

A hidden exception that was occurring constantly on load and switching views has been resolved The master library namespace may no longer be edited from the project settings dialog Previously these values were always 0, which caused EMTDC to crash if the memory allocation exceeded the padded value of The graphic layers functions have been be renamed to refer to transparencies, as opposed to layers The search table pane no longer assumes focus from the application when undocked.

Previously if the table was undocked, the schematic canvas could not be interacted with following a navigation action The compiler will now detect duplicate sequence numbers on a particular schematic, if set to manual sequence ordering Previously the right-most tab would always be given focus, causing navigation frustration A serious bug, which caused the application to crash when navigating search results, has been resolved Output channel limit now counts the actual number of output channel components, not the sum total number of traces.

This will relax restrictions on the number of output channels allowed in a project Focus is now automatically given to the name field when the new project dialog is invoked The subsystem splitting algorithm has been revamped and now functions much more robustly for all mapping scenarios Schematic canvas artifacts i. Previously, these artifacts could be erased by simply refreshing the view Projects residing on an externally mapped drive can now be launched properly.

Previously such projects would fail to launch on the initial attempt, but would launch fine on subsequent attempts Flyby help on connection ports is now displayed if the port dimension is specified as a variable as opposed to an integer value The unit converter now functions properly when a module instance is based on an external i. Un-editable cells in the scenario manager are now greyed-out for clarity. Previously, one could not differentiate an un-editable cell from an editable one Deleted global substitutions or those whose symbol name has been changed are now cleaned up properly in the project file.

Previously, global substitutions that were deleted or modified remained stored in the project file The reference manager will now include all child modules in the hierarchy upon remapping of the parent module definition An application option has been added to provide the ability to keep the additional source and external link fields clean during multiple blackbox sessions Many hours of work was put into optimizing and improving project load speed.

Projects now load significantly faster — this is especially noticeable when loading very large projects The PSCAD compiler now checks for the existence of radio link transmitter components inside of multiple instance modules. This situation is considered a source contention and will result in a build failure with a message Acceptance of modifications to component parameters no longer takes a long time when working in very large projects Messaging improvements have been made with regards to parsing script containing BEGIN directives This is to ensure that changes made to the project, while using one compiler, are incorporated into the build after switching to another compiler The search engine has been optimized for speed, resulting in huge differences in time taking to return search results.

For example, the search speed on a 40 MB project went from 6 minutes to 18 seconds PSCAD no longer churns for a period of time following a click on an output channel from within the definition tree Projects no longer fail to run, following the invocation of the application options dialog.

Previously, executing this dialog would clear cached information, resulting in a corrupt map file A whole word search no longer fails to return sticky notes as part of the search results A serious issue with the reference manager has been fixed: The project module instance call stack would sometimes become corrupt when switching references back and forth between projects An EMTDC crash problem, caused by improper storage allocation when acquiring data from an external file, has been resolved.

A new parameter has been added to master library components that ask for the number of lines in the external data file ex. All instances of the squirrel cage induction machine have been removed from the master library. The reason being that the wound rotor machine is mathematically equivalent, yet less confusing to use as a ‘single cage unit’ However, it will still be modeled as an equivalent parallel combination If selected, the initial state will be the same as the input at time zero The arrester component no longer outputs a zero storage warning when internal table is selected for data input The binary delay component no longer causes a Fortran compiler warning when configured for non-interpolated use Corrected the initial voltage at time zero when the variable r, l or component is configured to use the built in voltage source This release includes only bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Nodes Generated by Meters are No Longer Counted When Validating Project Size for Licensed Edition : A new node counting algorithm has been added, which does not consider superfluous nodes generated by the use of ammeters and multi-meters Branch Search : The ability to search for network branches according to number has been added to the search utility In past versions, these components were left out Parameter descriptions will now update immediately in the parameter form editor, upon enter key pressed or cell exit A node mapping error has been fixed related specifically to using inter-project, multiple instance modules that contain a hierarchy of three or more levels The dialog warning of no output channels in a project has been moved from the build to the runtime process.

It will now only pop-up if you attempt to run the project Blackbox now uses the black-boxed definition name instead of the source module name for naming Fortran and compiled files, as well as subroutine names. This ensures that black-boxed components can be used along with their source module in the same project. Also, long definition names are handled properly Fixed display issue pertaining to output channel curves when used in inter-namespace modules.

Only curves for a particular module instance are displayed within that module instance The application no longer crashes when attempting to re-run a case with an unsuccessful build. This problem was only occurring in specific projects, and was due to an improper netlist creation PSCAD no longer continues to the linking phase if errors are generated during build. An unsuccessful build flag was not being checked Projects will now start from a snapshot file properly when that file is external to the temporary folder This avoids potential snapshot file overwrite if the external snapshot file has the same name as one existing in the temporary folder A namespace is now properly pre-pended on tower and ground components that are part of transmission line or cable components A namespace is now properly pre-pended to the definition name on instances of transmission lines and cables that do not have a namespace assigned.

This occurs only when older projects are imported or loaded All component creation menu points have been changed to simply a direct access to the component wizard pane The component wizard now properly names new t-lines and cables.

By default, a new segment and definition name are set to whatever is entered in the wizard name field New components created using the component wizard will now appear, attached to the mouse pointer, in the centre of the schematic canvas. This is meant to alleviate improper usage of component wizard, especially in new users Output files are no longer overwritten when the user selects to not overwrite.

The project context menu right-click menu in the workspace is no longer delayed for several seconds when opened for very large projects Module navigation is once again possible following two name changes to its definition The Re-Map References no longer uses a partial string when querying definition names.

This resolves a problem in re-referencing definitions with different names that contain the same sub-string The temporary folder is no longer included in the folder access tracking following the build of a project Definition post-linking has been enhanced to work more consistently. Post-linking is the ability to link instances to definitions if their library project is loaded after the case project where they reside The project is now selectable if viewing a definition schematic canvas in the workspace primary window Blackboxed component instances now assume the sequence number of their source module.

This is necessary to avoid problems when blackboxing within modules with manual sequence ordering enabled Wire mode pen cursor no longer flickers between pen and mouse pointer icon when in use The unit converter now functions properly when referencing module definitions that are stored in an external library project The number of curve traces displayed in a graph will now by default, match the dimension of the signal to which its corresponding output channel is connected Unload all projects no longer crashes PSCAD if and when the user has elected to always start the session with a brand new workspace Component definitions graphic objects can now be placed back into their original position, once they have been dragged away Control interface position in control panel will now save correctly.

Previously, newly added control interfaces would appear on the far right side of the panel after reload of the project, even if original placed on the left side Global substitutions are now kept synchronized between top-level module definition and instance.

Previously, a global substitution instance parameter would become orphaned from its definition if the global substitution was deleted The compiler now checks to ensure that new components added to page modules with manual sequence ordering enabled are given a valid i. Invalid sequence numbers resulted in the inability to process feedback paths The last two columns in the search results pane no longer fully collapse when the pane width is adjusted horizontally Modifications to all runtime object types are now detected when switching scenarios.

Previously, only changes to slider interfaces were detected by the scenario manager The ability to delete the global substitutions category in the top-level module has now been disabled The scenario manager no longer asks if you want to save changes to a particular scenario when selecting that same one from the scenario list A graph frame no longer gets created on left mouse button release following component drag.

This was a rare bug that would occur in specific situations Newly copied controls interface no longer gets corrupted following a switch to the base scenario PSCAD will no longer crash if the build button is pressed while in the linking phase. The build button is no longer enabled during linking The instance name for external module definitions is now displayed properly in the workspace hierarchy tree.

Also, transmission lines and cables are now shown as such when they appear in sub-page modules Boolean and table-type global substitution values will now reset to default properly on demand Changes to rows or columns in table parameters will now synch properly across multiple instances based on the same definition PSCAD no longer saves changes to modified projects and workspaces on close without prompt Workspace pane splitter is now refreshed properly when adjusted.

Previously, graphical artifacts would remain on the splitter itself when it was moved Parameter variables can now be used in computations when their value is given by a global substitution, and the component instance resides within an external module The table-type parameter will now allow rows to be added following edit of the columns attribute The PSCAD compiler now checks to ensure that signals being exported from a module have the same data type as their corresponding output port or parameter.

Unmatched data types were found to cause inconsistent behaviour in Fortran compilers It is no longer possible to unload a case project that is included as part of a running simulation set Animated graphics are now updated properly when used within multiple instance modules.

Previously, all displayed graphics were overwritten by the last module called. Now the graphics are updated on the next plot step following a view switch from one instance to another It is no longer possible to create multiple categories of the same name in the parameter editor Resizing the schematic canvas to a smaller size is no longer allowed if existing components will appear off canvas as a result PSCAD will now stop gracefully on detection of non-unique ids in a project.

Previously this exceedingly rare situation would result in a crash PSCAD no longer crashes when building a project that contains remote transmission line end interfaces connected directly to ground Alerts from EMTDC, indicating there is an important runtime message, are once again being issued to the build message table A limit has been added to the component wizard to ensure port names are 31 characters or less.

Long port names were found to cause program instability. A limit has been added to the component wizard to ensure definition name is 31 characters or less A limit has been added to ensure scenario names are a maximum of 31 characters or less The scenario manager now issues an error message if attempting to create a scenario when no control objects exist in the project This will ensure that these components are runtime configurable Internal outputs of 3p-3w auto-transformer now output all phase values for magnetizing current and flux Data continuity checks are now applied in the surge arrester model when set to user-defined input.

Successive x,y points must increase in magnitude and decrease in slope The 3p-3w auto-transformer no longer gives different results when compared to an equivalent bank of 1p-3w auto transformers. The order of parameters was incorrect in the auto-transformer, resulting in the user entering the wrong data.

Also, the no-load loss computation in the 3p model was not taken into account in the L-L to L-G conversion The multiple-run component no longer allows variable data in parameters used in computations. These parameters have been changed to literal type Referred to as Resource Linking , this is accomplished by modifying a Link To… function in the component pop-up menu.

For example, a user copies a master library definition called resistor into the local project, and then instantiates it. The Link To… function will display two possible definitions to link the instance to:. There were some shortcomings with the initial design of this feature, most of which have since been rectified.

For example, the addition of the Re-Map Resource Links function introduced v4. However, there were still some leftover issues, pertaining to usage efficiency and link management that needed to be dealt with. The application now maintains a list of references associated with each project: This list is comprised of all namespaces containing component definitions that have instances in said project, and is automatically updated as needed.

The reference list limits the number of projects PSCAD needs to search to find where definitions are stored. In past versions, PSCAD simply searched all projects in the workspace and grabbed the first definition it found. Since a unique reference list is associated with each case project, if any of the references are removed from the workspace, PSCAD can quite easily re-link the definitions if the reference is reloaded.

The components referenced to definitions in that library will become de-linked:. The Definition Reference Management feature comes complete with post-linking ability. Note that in past versions, all delinked components would need at this point to be manually relinked even if there were hundreds!

There are also minor changes made to the menu items and terminology associated with references: The older term for a Resource is now simply referred to as a Reference. This affects some of the menu items as follows:. Although it is still possible to link component instances to definitions stored in other case projects , this practice is not supported by the Definition Reference Manager.

It is important to remember to store component definitions in library projects only, as this is what they are specifically designed for. This practise will also ensure that your definition storage methods will conform to future developments in PSCAD. Library projects cannot possess a reference list.

This simply means that the Definition Reference Manager does not support libraries linked to other libraries. Case project reference lists will only contain library projects. The Definition Reference Manager does not support listing definitions stored in other case projects. More importantly, a new field has been added to allow users to specify by definition name, in addition to namespace.

This enhancement will increase the power and flexibility of this function. PSCAD will issue a navigable message so that you can manually check each replacement in the project. This may lead to signal source contention errors that should, for the most part, be detected by the compiler when you build the case.

Support Request Dialog Enhancements : The Support Request feature has been enhanced to include both a field to define the summary of the request, as well as the ability to attach the following files, in addition to the original licencing and support files.

Educational Edition Module Instance Limit Removed : The scoping limitation on page module instances has been removed from the educational edition product. Educational edition projects are now limited to 64 unique module definitions Disabled by default, this option is support for both the Intel and GFortran compilers.

An additional text field is also provided to allow the user to define a comma-separated list of preprocessor identifiers Sometimes, an improper choice was made, requiring a cancel of the mechanism and restart from the beginning. Radio link receivers now work properly in PSCAD when they are used within multiple-instance modules PSCAD no longer crashes if viewing a signal flyby while in the process of building a project Parameter dialog no longer pops up on the wrong screen when utilizing multiple monitors Transmission line models are now properly relinked to their definitions change of project namespace Module parameters with output intent no longer accept literal data, as this caused a Fortran language violation Module output parameters defined as constant now create a signal labelled as a constant A change to an existing simulation set name is now reflected in the run button drop menu The schematic canvas location no longer gets reset when you run a simulation following a component deletion The schematic canvas zoom level no longer gets reset when you run a simulation following a graphing tool edit Map file, Make file and Log file docking panes have been separated into three dock-able windows, instead of a single, tabbed window The Support Request form now updates automatically when the selected compiler is changed Multiple v4.

The ability to add a simulation task now functions properly if there are more than 32 projects loaded in the workspace A single or set of components that have somehow shifted the drawing grid will now snap to the grid when moved or copied PSCAD now limits the number of recently used projects listed in the workspace file to Previously there was no imposed limit PSCAD now creates a new document when a new workspace is created.

Previously, remnants of the old workspace were re-used in the new one Creating a new, loading or saving a workspace or project file is no longer allowed, while in the process of loading a workspace PSCAD no longer crashes when project resource links are re-mapped and then the workspace re-opened Map, make and log file viewing panes now update when the corresponding file is modified, even if modified by an external process. Previously, these panes updated only when selecting the project in the workspace Global substitutions will now function properly when used within module instances, whose definition is stored in another project.

Any global substitution that is used within an externally defined module must be defined in the case where the module is instantiated Double-clicking a simulation set task will now bring the corresponding project to focus Curves and controls whose name is linked to a global substitution will now update properly when global substitution value is modified Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission.

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Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces. Discover hybrid solutions. Discover new ways to use Zoom solutions to power your modern workforce. Network with other Zoom users, and share your own product and industry insights. Get documentation on deploying, managing, and using the Zoom platform. What’s New at Zoom? Join our upcoming webinar to get a first-hand look into some of our exciting new product and feature releases. Hope you’re doing great, actually im facing an error code that appears every time I want to enter to my zoom account.

I tried every solution that the support gave me and the error remains. I’m really confused because the same problem appears at my iPad, iPhone and Macbook but in other devices zoom works fine. I would appreciate if someone can help me please. Zoom Community. Supporting a Hybrid-friendly Work Environment Explore products and tools for seamless collaboration across office and home working spaces. Download Zoom Client Keep your Zoom client up to date to access the latest features.

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Mar 15,  · If you see an error code , that means that there’s a problem with establishing a connection with the Zoom servers. There could be several reasons why that’s happening. It could be a firewall. Zoom error code is an error exclusively appearing on the Zoom desktop application. It causes users to be unable to connect to the meeting but doesn’t stop them from using Zoom in . Nov 09,  · Education. Expand traditional classrooms in the cloud. Finance. Improve customer experiences & communications. Government. Increase productivity & engagement for all agencies.