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All told, it’s about as strong as ISP sales pitches get — I just wish the footprint was a bit bigger. If you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Browse Nearby. Amenities and More. Comcast Xfinity A fast, reliable pick if you don’t mind the data cap. I live in an apartment.


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Not all offers available armstrong cable internet customer service – none: all areas. I have no hesitation in saying that every single employee of this fucking goddess company past, future, present deserves to die of Lou Gehrig’s disease in front of their family. Здесь example is the Emergency Broadband Benefit. She started writing tech product and service reviews nnoe: finishing her BFA in creative writing at the Armmstrong of Evansville and has found her niche writing about home networking, routers, and internet access at HighSpeedInternet.



Does that mean you’ll need that much? Not necessarily. The internet speed you need will be dependent on how many people are using the internet in your home and for what activities you need it.

We handpick the products and services we write about. If you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Reviews ethics statement How we test ISPs. Home Home Internet. Ry Crist. June 1, p. Charter Spectrum Best cable internet provider. See at Spectrum. Rise Broadband Best rural internet provider. See at Rise Broadband. Verizon Best customer care.

See at Verizon. WideOpenWest Best home internet value. See at Allconnect. CenturyLink Worth a look if fiber is available. See at Centurylink. Comcast Xfinity A fast, reliable pick if you don’t mind the data cap. See at Xfinity. Google Fiber A great value for high-speed internet, if it’s available. See at Google. Viasat Best if you’re stuck with satellite. See at Viasat. Ziply Fiber Off to a strong start. See at Ziply Fiber. Best fiber internet provider. Charter Spectrum.

Best cable internet provider. Rise Broadband. Best rural internet provider. I pay for 1gb speeds and the most common uploads speed in my home is less than mb as low as 20mb at times. I have constant outages im constantly having to reset routers and boxes.

I have 9 so it’s as inconvenient as you can imagine. They are at my house regularly and every time they don’t have answers. They continue to charge me full price. This last visit they told me I just should let the new router for a mesh system “settle in” as if that would magically make the speeds get better. Well after 6 hrs I’ve had to reset 5 TVs that stopped working and my upload speed test just said 30mb.

I just had a baby girl and there is no cartoon channels. And play 24 hour sit coms. Things we have see thousands of time. They also want to charge top dollar Its like watching the 90’s and early ‘s.

I am extremely disappointed with their service! I had an appointment for between am today. I received a text at am saying the technician would arrive between and never arrived.

I called and was told they came at and rang the doorbell as well as knocked on the door. My wife was home the entire morning and heard no doorbell or knock. Strangely, Neither did my dog whom barks at everything. I also never received a notification on my ring doorbell that it was ever rung. No, they can’t come out now so I have to wait an entire week to be rescheduled.

I hate to give this company any business! Been a customer for over a year with next to no issues. Its unreal how dehumanizing this turned out to be. Rude and no help. Switching to a competitor was our only option and they could care less. Update 2: They’ve been pretty solid since we’ve moved into our new home and the plume extender feature has been the only extender I’ve ever used that actually worked.

Once they get rid of that ridiculous data cap for good they’ll have my coveted 5th star. Also raised prices over the course of the year without any notice. Armstrong Cable Services. Write a Review.

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Check out all the internet speeds and plan options in your area. Pro tip: Read more about how much internet speed you need for specific WFH tasks like video conferencing, email, and file sharing with our guide to internet speeds for working from home.

Pro tip: You can read more in-depth information about internet data caps and which providers have them in our guide to ISPs with data caps. Need a change of pace? See all the internet providers in your area to compare other options.

Author – Rebecca Lee Armstrong Rebecca Lee Armstrong has more than six years of experience writing about tech and the internet, with a specialty in hands-on testing. Editor – Cara Haynes Cara Haynes has been editing and writing in the digital space for seven years, and she’s edited all things internet for HighSpeedInternet. Related Posts. The Fastest Internet Providers in Apr 6, Click on the button below to test your upload and download speeds.

Providers do this for several reasons, and it usually manifests as a sloth-like connection. ISPs have many reasons for throttling your internet connection. But these are the top four culprits:. All ISPs throttle bandwidth to some extent in order to manage network traffic. For example, a single fiber backhaul that serves an entire neighborhood will throttle speeds in order to evenly distribute bandwidth among the neighbors who are currently using the internet.

Problems arise when ISPs discriminate against specific users unnecessarily. For example, in , the US Court of Appeals ruled that Comcast had unfairly targeted peer-to-peer network users when there were much better and more fair ways of managing network traffic. Some ISPs limit how much data you can send and receive during one billing cycle. They will reduce your bandwidth if your downloads exceed that limit. Moreover, everything you do requires an upload, too, like requesting access to a website, sending an email, posting to social media, and so on.

All this interaction with the internet uses your monthly data allotment. Any ISP that enforces a data cap must include that information in your service agreement. Sometimes ISPs will throttle your speeds, not because of anything you or the people around you are doing, but because another company paid them to.

While often framed as beneficial or necessary, paid prioritization can lead to several unfortunate scenarios:.