Add Alternative Hosts to a Zoom meeting – IT Help – Can You Add An Alternate Host To An Already Scheduled Zoom Meeting?

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– Zoom: Add a Co-Host

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Scheduling Privilege link to Zoom help page. Alternative host The Alternative Host option allows you to schedule meetings and designate another Conservatoire Licensed user to start the meeting, if the Host who schedules is not able to start the meeting.


» Setting up Zoom meetings for others to Host.


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– Adding multiple hosts on Zoom


The email address of the alternative host can be found in the Alternative Hosts field. Allow alternative hosts to add or edit poll options can be selected here. This year, co-hosting cannot be arranged in advance. Schedule Meetings by clicking their button. Scheduling options will appear as soon as the calendar has been marked. The alternative host address in the Alternative hosts field must be an email address.

Zoom Scheduling Privileges let you appoint Zoom meetings for someone else such as your manager , so the person hosting the Zoom meeting is the sole participant with complete control of the Zoom meeting. There are some limitations: only users who have obtained licenses as Zoom users can access this website. There must be the same Zoom account on which the alternative host is assigned.

Host can offer someone else to start their meeting, though they have to register that person as an alternative host. Alternate hosts: With similar controls as co-host, but with more flexible registration options as well. Ultimately, the article gives a conclusion. There may be a problem with Zoom showing upcoming meetings, so please check the account settings and ensure your schedules are correctly synchronized.

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Awesome PC Accessories. Best Wireless Earbuds. Best Smartwatches. Best Oculus Quest 2 Accessories. Click Make Co-Host. A one-person meeting can only be held at a single location.

In the case of hosts, this gives the co-host more control than other participants because they know most of all the administrative controls. Prior to starting the meeting, the host must set up a co-host. There is no meeting starting when co-hosts are present.

To schedule a meeting in the navigation menu, click Meetings. You can also access an enlarged list of meeting options by clicking the Show option. Select the Alternative Hosts form and enter the e email address of the alternative host.